Pallet Labelling Intelligence Solutions From Datalogic

Intelligent pallet labelling technology is affordable, easy to implement and dramatically reduces operational costs.

So why aren’t more companies using it?

Pallet labelling is a seemingly simple fulfilment process, however how well it is handled has a profound effect on business performance. Pallet Labels represent physical inventory and enable warehouse management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), logistics, and automated systems to track and trace items.

Internally, incorrect labels, missing labels, or extra labels can lead to inaccurate inventory counts, untrustworthy financial statements, and wasted scheduling efforts. Externally, labelling issues can disrupt the activities of downstream customers, such as manufacturers and assemblers, and raise concerns over the supplier’s commitment to product quality and service.

Companies fall short on pallet labelling for a couple of reasons:

  • First, a lot of the work — from data input to applying labels and correcting records — is performed manually, leaving it prone to human error and behaviour.
  • Second, the basic labelling solutions many companies piece together are often unreliable and disconnected from core systems.

While overcoming these challenges has been difficult for process owners, engineered solutions now entering the marketplace will enable organisations to finally automate the last mile of their increasingly digitised supply chains.

Pallet Labelling Intelligence advantages:

Labelling errors can slow sales, affect order processing, and impact the bottom line.

Pallet Labelling Intelligence systems address these issues by giving process owners a turnkey system for optimising end-of-line activities such as pallet labelling. This technology provides seamless traceability, built-in fallbacks, and ongoing service with little-to-no downtime. It improves real-time inventory and allows potential accuracy greater than 99% and minimises the need for human interfacing and manual interventions. Its onboard intelligence automates time stamping for product traceability.

A Pallet Labelling Intelligence system, such as Apis Wise, seamlessly connects to all printer brands and other line equipment, and implementation times are usually less than three months, with return on investment in less than one year. Unlike basic automation, Pallet Labelling Intelligence enables machines and large business systems to speak the same language and work together.

Explore further the importance of Pallet Labelling Intelligence and
a number of case studies in Datalogic’s white paper below:

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