42Gears is a leading name in seamless MDM (mobile device management) solutions. It empowers IT teams to secure, monitor and remotely manage their enterprise-grade hardware and smart devices.

Through its SureMDM platform, it helps organisations simplify device lifecycle management. This platform supports the seamless management of both company-owned devices and employee-owned hardware.

SureMDM covers every aspect of enterprise mobility through unified endpoint management, supporting the comprehensive enrollment, provisioning, management and retirement of mobile devices.

MDM software innovations from 42Gears and Renovotec

Leveraging an MDM software solution from 42Gears and Renovotec offers a wide variety of benefits, including saving time through using a centralised console, reducing maintenance costs and repairs through remote troubleshooting, boosting productivity by configuring app access and permissions, preventing device loss via constant inventory tracking and much more.

Its services extend to several types of device management, including:

  • Mobile device management.
  • Rugged device management.
  • VR device management.
  • IoT (Internet of Things) management.

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