With over 20 years of experience, Code supports customers with hardware and software innovations in barcode scanners and data capture, accessories and print.

Based in Salt Lake City with offices in Boston and a European presence operating out of the Netherlands, it has grown into one of the leading specialists in barcode scanning. Through its hardware, software and services, it continues to support customers in healthcare, manufacturing, the retail supply chain and other key industries.

Data capture hardware and software innovations from Code and Renovotec

It is dedicated in its mission to empower intelligent decisions through data capture, and that can be evidenced in its diverse range of hardware innovations and software enhancements. Code’s range of hardware products includes:

  • Barcode scanners.
  • Scan engines.
  • Mobile cases & batteries.
  • Printers.

Code also specialises in software support and development, designed to enhance the data capture capabilities of its customers. These innovations include:

  • Embedded, mobile and web-based SDKs.
  • Scanning applications.
  • EHR integration.

Contact one of our experts today and let’s discuss how Renovotec can enhance your operations with hardware and software innovations from Code.