Transforming businesses with the power to wirelessly connect anywhere, Cradlepoint is an industry leader in Wireless WAN.  

Our technology partner enables your business to connect people, places and things wherever they may be. It provides reliable, secure and agile connectivity that will improve results and create new opportunities for your business.  

It supplies wireless solutions for a variety of sectors including the retail supply chain, hospitality and healthcare. As well as fixed locations, it also offers fleet connectivity so that your enterprise can stay connected even while on the move.  

Wireless Connectivity Solutions from Cradlepoint and Renovotec include:  

  • Fixed site routers. 
  • Cellular adapters. 
  • Vehicle routers. 
  • IoT routers. 
  • Remote work routers. 
  • Accessories.  

Contact one of our experts today and let’s discuss how Renovotec can enhance your operations with innovative connectivity solutions from Cradlepoint.