Connecting enterprises to those who matter most with Extreme Networks’ portfolio of wireless innovations.

Established in 1996, Extreme Networks continues to push the boundaries of wireless networking technology, helping customers leverage enterprise-grade connectivity that makes them more agile and secure. Its innovations support customers in a wide variety of industry sectors including manufacturing, hospitality, the retail supply chain, healthcare and many more.

By leveraging key intelligence and insights it reduces network complexity, as well as identifying and fixing issues before they become a problem. Its range of hardware, software and service innovations also help enhance the user networking experience, supporting the ability to scale wireless networks with ease.


Wireless networking solutions from Extreme Networks and Renovotec

Extreme Networks helps customers succeed in the era of the Infinite Enterprise by providing One Network and One Cloud. These solutions leverage the latest developments in wireless technology types, including:

  • Cloud-based networking.
  • Network fabric.
  • Wired access.
  • Wireless access.
  • Network security.


Wireless networking products and solutions from Extreme Networks

ExtremeCloud IQ – Seamlessly migrate multi-vendor and non-cloud devices to a cloud-based platform. All with the simplicity and flexibility of the ExtremeCloud IQ network management solution.

Fabric Connect – With Fabric Connect, your organisation can unify, automate and secure your network from the data centre to the edge. In addition to increasing agility with an end-to-end fabric network.

Universal ZTNA – Leverage a single solution the reduces risk to your network by filling IT security gaps. Designed for rapid deployment and scaling. While still reducing security management complexity.

Extreme Cloud SD WAN – Simplify operations and deliver exceptional application performance with ExtremeCloud SD WAN. As well as improving application management, unified management and more.

Contact one of our experts today and let’s discuss how Renovotec can enhance your operations with wireless hardware, software and service innovations from Extreme Networks.