iLockerz is a leading specialist in storage technology and supports organisations across several key industry sectors including transport & logistics, healthcare, and facilities.  

Through its dynamic intelligent locker systems, which are configured to operate in a variety of key modes, it supplies smart storage solutions that perfectly meet organisations’ specific needs. Its specialist technology can also track the use of assets and equipment, securely automate contactless drop-off and collection. As well as providing cloud reporting and email ticketing. 

iLockerz supports its customers with a range of comprehensive solutions. This includes, for instance, business asset loans, personal item storage and drop-off and collection.

Storage Solutions from iLockerz and Renovotec include:  

iLockerz technology solutions can be configured to operate in a range of key modes to meet a variety of specific challenges:

  • Business asset lockers – Track and automate the use of assets and equipment, supported by management software included as standard.
  • Personal item storage lockers – Leverage self-service locker locations for the secure storage and charging of personal and company-owned hardware.
  • Drop-off collection lockers – Securely automate your lockers for contactless drop-off and collection, backed by cloud reporting and email ticketing.

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