Ivanti provides innovative solutions for companies that want to manage and secure every IT asset and endpoint across their organisations.

Through its range of cloud-based products and modules, Ivanti gives businesses the tools they need to create exceptional employee experiences. Its proactive and efficient service allows any device to connect to your network, wherever it may be working.

With enterprise-grade security protocols, your staff can work anywhere and remain fully secure. Configure your setup further with a comprehensive and scalable security strategy while maintaining accurate and actionable asset insights for that big-picture view of your IT estate.

Ivanti is also dedicated to giving its customers the most comprehensive information on real-world cyberthreats and assisting them with exposure management and risk-based vulnerability management.


Innovative IT asset and endpoint management software from Ivanti and Renovotec

Ivanti’s broad portfolio of software applications and cloud-based services use the power of automation to find, heal and protect every device on your hardware roster. With Ivanti, you can map your endpoints, users, applications and data, creating a secure ‘Everywhere Workplace’. Its products and solutions include:

  • Asset Discovery – Map every endpoint, everywhere, and discover your entire IT estate with complete asset visibility.
  • Unified Endpoint Management – Intuitive control from a single console that enables you to discover, manage and configure every device.
  • Network & Endpoint Security – Confident compliance without the fuss. Secure your IT assets with Ivanti’s zero trust security solutions.
  • Service & Asset Management – More insights and fewer bumps in the road for your users. Turbocharge productivity by automating routine IT tasks.


Ivanti Velocity Solutions

The Ivanti Velocity platform empowers companies to transform their mobile workflows with a single framework that can optimise telnet and web applications, provide operational insights, integrate peripheral technologies and even deploy automation:

  • Easily brings existing host apps to Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices.
  • Offers low/no code deployments that reduce risks and time-consuming workflows.
  • Optimise apps and automation to improve workers’ experience.
  • Add images for visual picking confirmation or proof of condition.
  • Responsive design that dynamically adjusts to different screen sizes.
  • SAP-certified platform.


Ivanti IIoT Solutions

With Ivanti’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) you can combine data from IoT devices and mobile enterprise applications, enabling you to integrate your operational tech stack on top of the Ivanti Velocity platform and further optimise your company’s workflows.

  • Collect data on process performance or report statistics to measure performance.
  • Integrate autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).
  • Connect environmental sensors to ensure proper storage conditions are maintained.
  • Locate and monitor goods to improve fleet and inventory management.
  • Easily add new technologies.


Ivanti Voice Solutions

Deliver exceptional customer service by empowering your team with an integrated end-to-end solution. Ivanti Voice better connects your phone infrastructure, business data and service desk environment, greatly improving your callers’ experience and increasing your employees’ productivity.

  • Integrated voice response as part of automated workflows.
  • Voice self-service for callers.
  • Automatic screen pops to supply agents with relevant information.
  • Recognise and route priority callers.
  • Route calls to the right resource the first time.
  • Integrate your phone system with industry-standard SIP trunks.
  • Utilise listening, whispering and conferencing capabilities.

Contact one of our experts today and let’s discuss how Renovotec can enhance your operations with mobile device management and asset discovery solutions from Invanti.