Microplex provides customised printing solutions for many highly specialised industrial applications including transport & logistics, warehousing and healthcare.

Since 1987, its goal has been optimisation of their customers’ printing processes and workflow processes. Its range of innovations include a diverse selection of durable printer hardware and Microplex’s print controller, an enhanced firmware that streamlines print functionality and emulations for seamless integration.

Print Innovations from Microplex and Renovotec include:

  • Thermal printers.
  • Thermal print modules.
  • Continuous laser printers.
  • Cut sheet laser printers.
  • Industrial printers.
  • Mobile printers.
  • RFID printers.
  • Label printers.
  • MICR printers.

Contact one of our experts today and let’s discuss how Renovotec can enhance your operations with print innovations from Microplex.

Microplex Solutions & Knowledge

Maximum Flexibility For Seamless Logistics Processes For Mobile Application

Mobile Printing Solutions From Microplex.

The world is mobile.

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