As an innovative mobility solutions provider, Social Mobile supplies dynamic and customisable Android-powered devices in several industry verticals including healthcare, hospitality and the retail supply chain.  

Forming a key part of our ecosystem of technology partners, Social Mobile collaborates with Renovotec to create tailored technology solutions that optimise your operations with business-ready mobile technology.

It offers a wide portfolio of technology such as smartphones, tablets, point-of-sale terminals, wearables, kiosks, rugged mobile technology and more. All of which are Android Enterprise recommended and Google Play Protect certified, guaranteeing both their quality and long-term security.

Moreover, Social Mobile’s dynamic mobile solutions can be fully customised. From hardware and software to device management, shipping & logistics, wireless connectivity and more. Its best-of-breed devices will improve productivity, streamline operations and even enhance customer experiences.

All Social Mobile products include guaranteed product availability for a minimum of three years, so you don’t have to worry about a device going end-of-life during your deployment. You also get security updates every 90 days ensuring protection 24/7.


Mobile Innovations from Social Mobile and Renovotec include:

  • Android handhelds which have fingerprint sensors, global LTE with eSIM support and optional removable battery.
  • 8″ and 10″ Android tablets developed for enterprises with POGO pins for easy docking and charging, global LTE and eSIM support.
  • GMS certified e-Point-of-Sale (ePOS) devices which include a built-in thermal printer. As well as a rugged and compact design, ideal for hospitality and retail.


Social Mobile Scanning Solutions

The RHINO T5se is a dynamic mobile device that also functions as a lightweight wireless handheld barcode scanner. Its innovative technology is designed to increase productivity and transform operations as an affordable all-in-one solution that can be universally deployed.

  • Integrated Honeywell scan engine, 40% faster than consumer device camera systems.
  • Ambidextrous scanning buttons.
  • In-built push-to-talk function.
  • Interchangeable external battery.
  • Built-in (NFC) Near Field Communication (allowing for functions such as wireless payments).
  • Name tag holder.

Contact one of our experts today and let’s discuss how Renovotec can enhance your operations with mobile innovations from Social Mobile.