Transforming retail teams and empowering them to achieve more by taking the hassle out of team communication.

Say goodbye to noisy tannoy announcements, multiple phone systems and clunky hardware. With VoCoVo, your team can receive calls, handle customer queries and communicate securely—all from one device.

Key Benefits:

  • Crystal clear and secure conferencing.
    Full duplex communication means everyone can talk and listen at the same time with crystal clear audio.
  • Freedom from Wi-Fi.
    VoCoVo’s headsets don’t rely on Wi-Fi to communicate so aren’t vulnerable to the same security risks, blackspots or traffic peaks.
  • Always informed workforce.
    Allow store colleagues to use shared knowledge, and keep them updated via messages from HQ directly to their headsets.

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Key Solution Hardware Elements

Series 5 Pro

The only headset crafted in direct response to feedback from retailers, by the experts with over 20 years of experience supporting them.

Thus every element has been tested to deliver the comfort, durability and performance that retail colleagues and leaders asked for.

VoCoVo Call Points

Designed for use with the VoCoVo Controller, the VoCoVo wireless Call Point allows customers to request assistance at the location and time it is needed. 

Moreover, touching the call button immediately generates an audible message that is sent to support colleagues via their VoCoVo wireless device. The message also states the location where assistance is required.

VoCoVo Keypads

The VoCoVo Keypad with audio communication allows checkout or customer service colleagues to request assistance. As well as to specify the nature of their request at the touch of a button.

Pressing one of the customised keys instantly generates an audible message that is broadcast to colleagues on VoCoVo conference(s) via their Headset or Handset. Additionally, the message states the location and the nature of the request, making it easy to identify the need and respond accordingly.