WiFi SPARK is a specialist provider of wireless software and service innovation, helping organisations design, install and manage enterprise-grade wireless networks.

With its business enterprise Wi-Fi solutions, it supports customers in a variety of industry verticals including the retail supply chain, venues and healthcare. Its expertise in the healthcare sector has also led it to become the main wireless provide for the NHS in the UK.

Wireless networking services such as guest Wi-Fi enable businesses to create fully personalised user experiences, with multiple touchpoints for engagement, increased brand awareness and integration to CRM and other applications.

Wireless software innovation from WiFi SPARK and Renovotec

Through its proprietary SPARK Platform, it is ready to support its customers with a broad portfolio of services, including:

  • Enterprise-grade guest Wi-Fi.
  • Patient entertainment and engagement.
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) support.
  • Customisable user experienced.
  • Analytics and reporting.

Contact one of our experts today and let’s discuss how Renovotec can enhance your operations with wireless software innovations from WiFi SPARK.