Printer Audit Service

The first part of being able to responsibly maintain your printers and advise you is to carry out a printer audit, understand how many you have, where they are and what state they are in.

How our Audit Services can help you


We often find that one of the biggest issues regarding printers is that organisations do not have a complete understanding of what printers they have and what they are doing. In many cases, expensive to use personal printers have also become widely deployed, unmanaged, and uncontrolled. Printers often fall under the general IT umbrella, which, if then outsourced, can also obscure the true costs of the printers and printing to the organisation.

Therefore, we have developed a range of services to help our customers gain an up-to-date asset register and understanding of their printers and printing requirements.

What we offer

  • Manual audits locate devices and allow us to access their age/state and use within the environment.

  • Detailed software audits allow us to support our recommendation with hard evidence of print usage by device and/or user, and/or a given period.

  • Finding & recommendations allow you to understand your printers and printing in depth and make informed decisions for budgeting and planning.

We have a dedicated team of people who will carry out and manage the preparation, planning and implementation of these activities.

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