Qmatic Omnichannel Customer Journey Solutions

Create a personalised customer journey with easy access to services and increased efficiency that drives sales.

With Qmatic retail solutions, it’s never been easier to provide an omnichannel customer journey that can be personalised to customers’ needs and preferences. Meet your customer’s expectations and anticipate what they need, helping you to use your resources more effectively and ensure customers remain loyal, engaged, and satisfied.

Key Solution Benefits:

  • Increase brand loyalty with personalised services
  • Boost sales and revenue
  • Improve staff efficiency and satisfaction
  • Get key data and insights into your business

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Key Retail Solutions Components:

Queue Management

Optimise the customer flow, minimise queues and waiting time and create the perfect customer experience with our queue management system.

Appointment Management

Make it easy for people to connect to your services by scheduling appointments online or by phone, distributing the workload evenly throughout the workday, and creating a better balance between walk-ins and appointments.

Virtual Queuing

Allow customers to wait anywhere using a smartphone and monitor their progress in real-time and receive notifications when it’s their turn to be served.

Reporting & Analytics

Generate comprehensive, up-to-date insights you need to make better data-driven business decisions that optimise operations and delight customers at every touchpoint.

Messaging Services

Engage, communicate, and inform your customers at every stage of the customer journey with automated text messages and email. Send confirmations, reminders, cancellations and any other relevant information before the visit.

Real-Time Dashboard

Access real-time data of workflows, current situation, and service performance metrics. Identify emerging trends, visualise wait times, transaction times, the number of customers waiting and more.

Customer Feedback

Gather insights into your customers’ needs, strengthen customer relationships, and boost customer satisfaction at every touchpoint.

Staff Applications

Empower your workforce with intuitive and user-friendly apps for serving and managing waiting customers.

Digital Signage

Communicate clearly and visibly with integrated media, audio announcements, and queue information to everyone in service environment.

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