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Mind The Gap

When you step off a train, the gap between carriage and platform is, most of the time, pretty small……

But you’re moving between two very different environments; from a fast moving train to a solid platform and the comparison between each is quite different.


So, imagine that the all-inclusive service package on your mobile printer is the reliable, solid platform and your business is the fast moving train. The printer service promises reliability and excellent value for money – can even cover print-heads and accidental damage for a period of three or more years. It should give you piece of mind and a fixed outlay and you never have to worry about it again. But, a bit like the station platform, the fully managed service contract often falls short of your train and it’s not uncommon for businesses to have to invest a lot of extra work in their environment to make the gap in their contract work.

A good service provider will manage the logging and follow up processes that traditionally accompany a ‘return to base’ service. However, it is likely that the fundamental ‘gap of using this service will still be there, and the reason it’s still there is that to be cost effective, the service – even all-inclusive ones – have to be return to base solutions.

If you’re not familiar with a return to base solution it’s where the printer is sent away to be fixed when it goes wrong. When businesses look at the financial savings these solutions appear to offer they either forget or don’t take into account the additional costs, often unseen, that are incurred. Costs like having to have additional skilled resources on site to help manage the loop stock, or conversely being able to dedicate the extra time, effort and skills yourself that you need to bridge the gap that removing your onsite service leaves when your valuable print assets are removed or rotated in and out of use for repair.

If you commission a return to base service you need to consider how you will:

  • administer the process?

  • manage the assets properly?

  • operate your business while the printer is away?

  • manage the replacement of a spare/pool printer?

  • configure that replacement printer?

  • track the movement and operational ability of individual printers?

  • extract the same level of management information to help you plan and budget the future print strategy for your business?

As the servicing of smaller printers strives to maintain cost efficiencies, the withdrawal of on-site engineers and, in some cases, a distinct lack of IT knowledge ready available on site means that some of these simple steps become large ‘gaps’ in the operational process of IT provision.

Our Remote Engineer (Reg.) part of our Remote Printer Services, provides a cost effective solution to bridge this gap. We have developed a way of putting a ‘presence’ on site without physically doing it. Reg. is a tailored, easy to use solution that your users can set-up and manage themselves and which is, more importantly, configured for your printers and your support processes and IT infrastructure.

As well as configuring the printer, Reg. also provides the following:

  • Business process support between users and IT to ensure that use of pool printers is acknowledged and refreshed on the network.

  • A simple configuration and set-up tool, including wireless network communications settings.

  • A built-in diagnostic and repair facility. Often this initial intervention means you don’t need to have the printer removed from site for what, in reality, could be up to a couple of weeks.

  • A built in call-logging facility that can be tailored to work with your escalations processes.

In the fast moving world of commerce when you need to maximise uptime of your mission critical printers you don’t want your service package to fall short. Our Remote Printer Services – Reg. bridges that gap, it’s like having the specialist knowledge and skills on board without the engine driver and costs about half the actual cost of a normal service package.

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