Get More from your Retail WiFi Investment with Ruckus

Faster, pervasive and more dependable Wi-Fi connectivity that works even in crowded store environments is critical for retailers. Ruckus ensures customers stay happily connected when visiting your locations.

Enhance The Customer’s Shopping Experience and Store Operations With Smarter Wi-Fi

They help you promote your brand and engage with customers. And they give you valuable insights about customer behaviour—including how they use your Wi-Fi resources—to inform marketing and IT planning.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Retail stores range in size from small, one-room operations to huge superstores. They require wireless connectivity everywhere, from the sales floor, to the warehouse and even the parking lot or sidewalk outside. Getting reliable and complete Wi-Fi coverage can be expensive and time-consuming.

The Ruckus ZoneFlex family of products uses patented BeamFlex™ technology that focuses Wi-Fi signals to ensure the best possible Wi-Fi coverage. ZoneFlex delivers two to four times the coverage and higher throughput using fewer APs, costing less money and enabling faster deployment.

Ruckus Delivers Top 10 Wi-Fi Musts For Retail

  • Wi-Fi coverage everywhere – 2x to 4x coverage improvement through integrated long-range, high-gain antenna array.
  • Reliable client connectivity – Adaptive antenna technology automatically avoids interference and steers signals over the best performing paths.
  • Ruckus SPoT – Smart positioning service to provide retail analytics and enable location-aware mobile applications.
  • SPoT ecosystem partners – Dynamic ecosystem of analytic and mobile applications provides complete solutions for all in-store needs.
  • Indoor and outdoor managed as one – Unified configuration, administration, and management of all APs through a single interface.
  • Superior voice and video support – Automatic interference mitigation ensures flicker-free streaming of voice and video.
  • High density environments – Band steering and airtime fairness enable a large number of concurrent users.
  • No new cabling – Highly adaptive and reliable Wi-Fi meshing eliminates the need to cable every AP.
  • Flexible deployment options – Deploy APs with or without a controller, install controllers on-site or in remote locations.
  • Easy to configure and deploy – Graphical user interface with easy-to-understand point and click commands.
  • Smart retailers are choosing Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi Solutions to solve challenges and raise the bar.