Android Enterprise Essentials: Automatic & Affordable Data Protection On Samsung Devices

A new solution for modern threats

Mobile computing has had a huge impact on the way we do business, giving employees access to the data and apps they need to do their jobs from anywhere. While this can be great for productivity, these devices are easily stolen or lost and often completely unprotected — opening your business up to costly and time-consuming threats like theft, phishing attacks, and viruses.

For years, small- to medium-sized businesses have had to choose between resource intensive mobile device management that may be too complex for their needs or limited-to-no protection.

Until now…

Introducing Android Enterprise Essentials

Built by the Android team at Google, Android Enterprise Essentials is a simple, management service, that makes it easy to protect your business Samsung devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 or the XCover 5 and data at an affordable price.

Essentials makes securing and managing devices a breeze. Critical features are applied automatically, making it easy to protect your mobile devices and critical data. Samsung devices can now be set-up with security policies over the air, and sent directly to your employees — just open the box and employees are ready to go. Settings and devices can be viewed and managed via an easy-to-use centralised portal. And it all comes at an affordable price, with no additional IT investment required.

Key Features:

Simple, automatic security

  • Remotely wipe lost or stolen devices
  • Enforce a screen lock
  • Ensure persistent policies even if a device is factory reset
  • Malware protection that’s always running in the background
  • Prevent sideloading of apps

Instant set-up and easy management

  • Streamlined, remote set-up of devices
  • Policies enforced automatically, no user intervention necessary
  • View and manage active devices through a streamlined portal
  • Reset screen locks from afar

Excellent value

  • Affordable protection for all your mobile devices and their data
  • New devices added automatically after purchasing from a reseller
  • No training or additional resources required

Comprehensive, scalable security, applied automatically

Essentials is designed and built by the Android team at Google, guided by their deep experience creating secure and helpful solutions for organisations. They’ve put the needs and realities of small- to medium-sized businesses first to create a streamlined set of security and management defaults at a price that won’t break the bank.

It only takes a minute to get started on any Samsung device, with instant set up and simple management as you scale.
Get started today!

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