A Critical Investment: Taking the Pulse of Technology in Healthcare

2022 Healthcare Report

Walk into any healthcare setting – a hospital, a general medical practice or a specialist clinic – and you’re bound to see all types of technology in action.

Very few other sectors evolve and improve at the pace of healthcare when it comes to direct patient treatment, yet when speaking with IT professionals across the global medical community, you do not immediately get the impression they are at the forefront of an out-of-the box, blue-sky transformation.

Based on the strain the COVID-19 pandemic put on the industry, and as evidenced by the latest SOTI industry report, A Critical Investment: Taking the Pulse of Technology in Healthcare, organisations are increasingly investing in technology:

  • 98% of clinics have implemented Internet of Things (IoT)/telehealth medical device capabilities
  • 70% of healthcare organisations use devices for remote health monitoring
  • 55% of organisations provide patients with wearables for remote patient monitoring (RPM)

It’s clear that organisations are spending and investing in healthcare technology, but what are they looking to get out of it? Who truly benefits and how?

Leveraging this research, SOTI sought to discover where the gaps within the industry are from a digital and mobility standpoint.

What is the current state of tech in healthcare?

Get the answers in your free copy below of SOTI’s healthcare report – A Critical Investment: Taking the Pulse of Technology in Healthcare

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