Leveraging consumer-grade handheld devices in your operations brings a variety of benefits, including giving your workforce the familiarity of a small form factor and all the functionality of an Android or iOS operating system.

Your staff can connect to your network and access your applications and data with speed, reliability and security.

Alongside the basic functionality we’ve come to expect from consumer-grade phones – such as taking calls, capturing photos and instant messaging – smartphones for business can also be configured to run bespoke hardware and access corporate networks.

These mobile devices offer increased flexibility and mobility for employees working in office settings, out in the field and from home. They can support enhanced collaboration and communication, as well fostering improved productivity.

Smartphones from Renovotec and its ecosystem of technology partners

Smartphones are ideal for a variety of industry applications but are especially suited to organisations where no rugged protection is required. These consumer-grade handsets boast a variety of features, including:

  • Vibrant and high-quality displays.
  • Long battery life.
  • High-end CPUs and GPUs.
  • Support for a variety of operating systems including Android and iOS.
  • High-end front and rear cameras.
  • Latest connectivity support for generations of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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