Creating the perfect Wi-Fi design that meets the demands of today’s mobile workforce takes years of experience.

Our Network Installation experts bring together years of expertise and know how in the field of wireless networking to ensure your new Wi-Fi refresh is in the best possible hands.

Our professional networking and Wireless Services cover a variety of areas vital to effectively designing a network. These include cabling and local area network surveys, the overall design of the network itself and integration solutions. Our services also include CAT5e/CAT6 and complex fibre installations for the core of your network.

Network Design workshops and reports from Renovotec

Following on from the wireless site survey phase, our wireless networking experts will then come together with representatives from your organisation to understand your exact requirements and collaborate on the best possible solution. These workshops are vital to creating an effective and robust wireless infrastructure roadmap, resulting in an intelligent design for your network.

Our workshops for designing a network cover a variety of critical topics, including:

  • Wi-Fi coverage and capacity.
  • Business critical applications.
  • LAN design and considerations.
  • QoS (Quality of Service).
  • Manufacturer choices.
  • Project lifecycle.

Before the integration phase begins, the design phase will conclude with a comprehensive report from Renovotec, which will detail critical areas of focus such as:

  • Network Topology
  • Hardware BOM (Bill of Materials).
  • Wi-Fi design and config.
  • LAN design and config.
  • Network cabling.
  • Project timescales.
  • Integration Phase next steps.

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