Wireless site surveys provide the detailed information required to design a reliable wireless network.

Our wireless networking experts will visit your premises and conduct a complete analysis of your current coverage then help you plan out the optimal layout for maximum Wi-Fi coverage. Our surveys can be conducted at an existing site or in drawn from plans and blueprints for site’s currently under construction.

Everything from building materials to forms of interference can affect the integrity if your Wi-Fi signal, so whether we are working from construction plans or evaluation a pre-built premises, our experts will optimise the flow of connectivity across your organisation.

Wireless Site Surveys from Renovotec

Our wireless site surveys form part of our wider Network Design & Management Services will take into consideration a variety of factors, including:

  • Wi-Fi coverage areas.
  • Application capacity.
  • Access point redundancy and locations.
  • Network switch requirement.
  • Areas of interference.
  • Wi-Fi roaming.
  • Network cabling requirements.
  • Complete equipment list.

Visualise the coverage of your entire network with heatmaps

Our experts use leading software tools and platforms to produce highly accurate Wi-Fi coverage heatmaps. This enables us to determine the optimal layout for your wireless infrastructure and the Network Installation phase. Our heatmapping and survey experts focus on three key areas:

  • Coverage – Wi-Fi coverage is critical to ensure that clients remain connected to the network, especially for voice and video applications.
  • Capacity – Designing for capacity is essential for any Wi-Fi network to work with applications at the core of any Wi-Fi network design.
  • Interference – Interference such as microwaves, PIR sensors, Bluetooth and legacy wireless devices can have a serious impact on your Wi-Fi network.

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