For wireless networking, the cloud represents an exciting new opportunity for growth and network management.

Our Cloud-Based Network Management services enable your organisation to fully leverage the power of the cloud to create a centralised management platform for your entire wireless network infrastructure.

From an all-in-one management of your device lifecycles to creating more efficient workflows, a cloud-based network is designed to empower and enhance your IT teams, even when identifying and solving issues remotely. Our Cloud-Based Network Management services form part of comprehensive Wireless Services.

Cloud-Based Network Management Services from Renovotec

Cloud networking solutions can be designed to fit any wireless networking requirement and can be scaled to meet the deployment and provision of more IoT devices and connected hardware. It provides a more sustainable and cost-efficient way for an IT team to manage a network and gives you a greater insight into the coverage of your network and the flow of data passing through it.

Other benefits include:

  • Supports rapid scaling with device onboarding and deployment.
  • Fast rollout of patches and updates to all relevant devices.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely.
  • Maintain strict security procedures that protected your connected devices.
  • Less training required as all functions are centralised to a single platform.

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