Support your events calendar and ‘pop-up’ operations plans with Temporary Wi-Fi Services from Renovotec.

The fast-moving nature of the supply chain and the many industries it connects to has led many organisations to consider the benefits of utilising ‘pop-up’ operations. Such as temporary warehouses that are set up and conducted for select periods of time to meet peak periods of business.

Likewise, those operating in the retail supply chain, hospitality and healthcare sectors may also need to establish a short-term network infrastructure. Thus enabling them to support temporary outlets, warehouses and clinics.

Temporary Wi-Fi Services from Renovotec

Renovotec’s team of wireless engineers and specialists are ready to assist. Whether you are planning to operate a pop-up warehouse to support peak seasonal business, set up a temporary outlet for your retail brand or support connectivity for a hospitality event at a new site.

The benefits of utilising this service from Renovotec, which forms part of our comprehensive Wireless Services, and its ecosystem of wireless networking partners includes:

  • Rapid turnaround and deployment.
  • Leverage fast speeds and consistent signal coverage.
  • Utilise the latest enhancements in access points, network switches and more.
  • Potential to scale to meet increased capacity.

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