Third Party Printer Solutions

Renovotec specialise in maintaining mission critical printers. These are the printers that drive core business processes and are often older and more unfamiliar for engineers, such as Line, Dot-matrix and Thermal.

We have built our reputation over 30 years servicing and maintaining our customer’s printers directly, however over the last few years we have recognised the requirement for large service organisations to use our specialist services as part of their complete IT service offering to their customers.


As such we offer our services as a transparent offering to a number of third party service organisations. In such an arrangement we work behind the primary service provider providing a flexible approach to supporting them with all or some of the print service requirements for their clients.

We have developed, and can integrate, our service logging and monitoring procedures seamlessly into third party systems, and we ensure a close working relationship between our customer services and the primary service partners call desks. Our flexibility and printer based focus allows us to provide a seamless and invisible service on your behalf, to your clients.

Although in some cases we are used specifically to provide services on mission critical printers we are also capable of managing your complete printer service requirements on your behalf for your customers.

Our in house monitoring and analytics allows us to provide detailed information that you can feed back to your customer to help facilitate things such as cost reduction, hardware replacement, rotation, audit and strategy analysis. In addition out enhanced customer services can help, plan, manage and roll out printer refresh projects on behalf of you and your client. We can do this either on your behalf or as a separate organisation depending on your preference.

We support all major printer brands and our customer base includes many blue chip companies.

We are more than happy to discuss any requirements you may have and our internal processes and procedures ensure that our involvement on your behalf is kept at the correct level of transparency / confidentiality that you require for you clients.

If you would like any further information or to discuss anything further then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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