New print engine promises smaller, faster, greener, more easily integrated solution for automatic labelling

To meet the growing demand for accurate, high-speed and easy to use industrial labelling systems, TSC Printronix Auto ID has just launched a popular-sized 4-inch version of its PEX-2000 Series print engine.

This powerful device promises to save time, money and resources. Enhancing operations in logistics, the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing and especially food and drink.


Compact and efficient

Print engines perform an essential role in print and apply operations. Which is why the design of the new 4-inch PEX-2000 has been carefully considered for both system integrators and users. Its compact full-metal chassis is 14% smaller at the rear than its mainstream peers. The device can also easily be integrated into just about any automatic labelling system. Supporting both DB15 and DB 25 connectors. Its adjustable peel-off module gives systems integrators greater design flexibility. Since it can set label feed-out to their preferred angle (-3º to -18º).

“Furthermore, the PEX-2000 offers 55mm wide media handling space for simpler installation or parts changes, and a quick release mechanism for printhead and roller change. Any repairs or maintenance are significantly expedited by the rear chassis simply being lifted and pulled out,” says Bob Vines, UK, Ireland & Nordics country manager for TSC Printronix Auto ID.


Environmental impact

One of the most interesting developments of the new 4-inch PEX-2000 is the option for enterprises to reduce their environmental impact. (As well as their costs.) As this new printer technology saves ribbon waste by 30% to 80%. Especially useful for special colour ribbons like gold or silver. The patented ribbon-saving function minimises large, wasteful non-printed areas. Even displaying the percentages saved on the LCD monitor.

“The 4-inch PEX-2000 Series has been designed to meet diverse applications, including RFID encoding capability,“ suggests Bob. “Its high label registration supports label printing as small as 5mm high, with print deviation of ±0.4mm. Its super-fast print speed of up to 18 inches per second (ips) will scale up any print and apply label application and enable enterprises to meet one cycle time with high stability.”


Software tools

TSC Printronix Auto ID offers value-added software tools like SOTI Connect and TSC Console. Thus, enabling system integrators and/or end customers to manage and monitor their print engines. All of which can be done through the internet or intranet, depending on users‘ needs. Both tools enable quick deployment, configuration, and updates from any location.


To learn more about the new 4-inch PEX-2000 Series contact us.

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