Turn Your Mobile Computers into Mobile Driven Workstations

The Challenge – Sometimes mobile workers need a big-screen environment. Turn your Zebra mobile computers and tablets into Android-powered workstations and POS stations for superior value.

Your workers depend on their Zebra mobile computers for the information access they need to perform everyday tasks when they are on the go. But they also often need desktop computers and Point-of-Sale (POS) stations. Tasks that require heavier data entry, navigation of information dense applications or simultaneous interaction with multiple applications are easier with a large screen, keyboard, mouse and other purpose-built peripherals. And many industries need the flexibility to take payment just about anywhere — from retail stores to resorts, car rental agencies and more. But what if your Zebra mobile computers and tablets could do it all? Download brochure.

Introducing Workstation Connect, a powerful solution that allows you to quickly and easily turn Zebra mobile computers and tablets into workstations and POS stations, on demand. The same Zebra mobile device workers use to complete many tasks throughout the day can also power a fully-featured workstation or POS, driving costs and energy usage down — and the value of Zebra mobile devices up.

Zebra Workstation Connect mobile-driven workstations and POS stations use less than half the power of traditional desktop or laptop computers — and you no longer need to purchase separate desktop computers to power complete workstations or POS stations.

The result?

Lower energy costs, lower capital costs, lower operational costs and a greener organisation. And since your Zebra mobile devices can be used as a mobile computer, a workstation and a POS station, functionality is tripled, delivering a superior return on investment.

  • Eliminate the need to purchase desktop computers — without eliminating desktop computer functionality
  • Increased workforce productivity and worker efficiency
  • Simplify infrastructure, reducing capital and operational costs, including 2x reduction in power consumption
  • Support for a wide range of applications and powerful admin features
  • Give workers more functionality to execute more workflows with one device, improving productivity

Workstation Connect can also be deployed in the Warehouse

Managers can dock their Zebra mobile devices and utilise their mobile-driven workstation for a wide variety of tasks that are better suited for a large screen, such as the creation of schedules, access to data-intensive line of business apps, report presentation, email and more.

Warehouse Workers:
Workers in receiving can utilise a mobile-driven workstation to print out paper and RFID labels for incoming inventory. Workers in shipping can utilise a mobile-driven workstation to print labels and bills of lading for outgoing shipments and more.

Where can you put Workstation Connect to work in Warehousing?


  • Manufacturing raw materials and finished goods warehouses.
  • Distribution center warehouses applications.


  • Work schedules.
  • Communications — email and voice.
  • Report/presentation preparation.

Warehouse workers

  • Inventory management.


Choose the Option That’s Right For Your Business

No matter the size of your business, Workforce Connect has an option for you. Its scalable, modular architecture means you can select the features you need for your business.

Contact us today for further information or a demo

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