Up Your Game With The Latest Wireless Technology Solutions

Honeywell’s latest mobile devices and Commscope’s RUCKUS unsurpassed Wi-Fi solutions, ensure your works stay connected every minute of every shift in every inch of your distribution centre.

Every day, your workers depend on their mobile devices to access the people and data they need to efficiently tackle their tasks within your DC. That access is not only dependent upon the sturdiness and battery life of their mobile devices but also the reliability, quality and performance of your Wi-Fi connections.

This is where newer wireless standards such as 802.11ax, also known as Wi-Fi 6, comes in. The advantages of Wi-Fi 6 is speed with an increase in network capacity and the potential of speeds increasing up to 40% in comparison to previous wireless standards.

Beyond speed, what are some of the other key benefits of Wi-Fi 6?

  • Increasing access point capacity in support of IoT and mobile devices – Wi-Fi 6 helps with scaling your environment without sacrificing user performance. This means your users aren’t fighting as much with sensors, scanners, and other autonomous IoT devices for bandwidth across you DC. Wi-Fi 6 access points use a variety of technologies to prevent interference between devices and transmit packets more efficiently. The result: more resilient networks that continue to deliver fast speeds even as more devices connect to the network.
  • Wi-Fi sleeping – With previous wireless standards, devices were either connected or they weren’t. Wi-Fi 6 has protocols to effectively put certain device’s Wi-Fi to “sleep” when it’s not being used. Resulting in longer battery life for all your Honeywell devices. Battery life is crucial in the DC as every second lost to swapping devices that need recharging represents a lost productivity.
  • More efficient bandwidth sharing – Wi-Fi 6 has made advancements in the number of antennas it can support resulting in more concurrent communication, improving speeds, and even allowing multiple users to “talk” at the same time.
  • Wi-Fi 6 is backwards compatible, but keep in mind that outdated standards and devices will create terrible bottlenecks and will not allow you to fully experience all the benefits of the new Wi-Fi 6 features.

Honeywell have a broad portfolio of workflow software and product solutions designed to automate critical DC processes. Their solutions are proven across thousands of customer deployments worldwide to increase worker productivity and reduce errors – with up to a 35% increase in worker productivity and over 99% improvements in task accuracy.

Honeywell’s latest CT30 XP mobile computer increases connection reliability, range and throughput in crowded conditions and provides a better experience on voice or video communications. The device combines the sleek design and usability of a high-end mobile phone without compromising the durability, manageability, and functionality that serious business requires.

In conjunction with Honeywell latest devices and Commscope’s RUCKUS solutions, you’ll have a workforce that’s faster, more accurate, empowered, and more flexible to meet changing demands – boosting DC performance.

Ready To Upgrade? Planning is key…

The best way to improve operational efficiency from your network is to first perform a site survey. A site survey will give you the best understanding of your environment, how best to serve your end-users, and where access points should be placed for optimal coverage

Wireless network surveying should also be considered when it’s time to upgrade your mobile devices. According to Honeywell’s latest VDC research, 56% of warehouse professionals plan to upgrade their existing fleet of mobile devices. Moreover, the research shows that 53% of IT decision-makers view their mobility deployments as immature or outdated.

Speak to a Renovotec account manager to learn more about how we can make improvements to your wireless infrastructure.

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