Wearable Technology Is Revolutionising The Workplace

Although finding, training and retaining qualified workers have always been challenging, it’s harder than ever in today’s competitive environment.

In mobile workflows, less wasted movement produces greater efficiency. This is especially true for tasks like picking workflows, large package handling, sortation, truck loading, and other common workflows in warehouse and transportation and logistics operations.

Wearable technology is on the cusp of revolutionising and empowering workers to do more with less, even in the face of higher consumer demands and labour shortages.

With Renovotec’s solutions and Honeywell’s wearable computers and scanners, there’s no need for your mobile workers to find, pick up, or set down a handheld scanner.

With greater efficiency comes greater productivity, helping your business to keep pace with demand while reducing labour costs.

Explore Six Benefits of Wearable Technology

User Friendly Experience

Wearable technologies help eliminate wasted movement, allowing your workers to seamlessly move through their workflows, unhindered by tethered solutions, making operations highly efficient. Wearable mobile devices have been designed to be user-friendly, with succinct and minimized training meant to get your workers comfortable quickly.

Improved Worker Safety

Wearable technology helps keep your workforces’ hands free and eyes up, allowing them to be aware of the task at hand without distraction of manual scanning or data recording.

Achieve Higher Productivity

Wearable solutions can help with voice-directed technology, increasing productivity by eliminating the need to look at a screen. With workflows completed through speech, workers can move effortlessly without the need to make multiple trips around the warehouse floor to complete orders, inventory counting and restocking.

Quicker Start Up

Your workers are expert users of their own consumer devices’ digital assistants to help them find and discover new things. That’s why there’s minimal downtime for them to adapt to wearable, speech-recognition solutions.

Minimise Downtime

Every second counts in your operation for you to achieve success. Wearable solutions help your workers save those seconds by eliminating unnecessary movements and motions throughout their workflows. With concise training, workers become familiar quicker and more productive faster.

Capture More Accurate Data

Wearables not only can capture accurate data but can also help operations managers see snags in workflows in real time, allowing them to implement solutions before challenges impact downstream productivity

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