The Ultimate Rugged Touch Computer That Boosts Performance, Productivity and Ease-of-Use

The TC5X Series from Zebra Technologies builds on the best-selling TC52 and TC57 all-touch rugged handheld mobile computers, with three new models that deliver the ultimate in rugged design, performance and ease of use.

  • The Wi-Fi only TC52x with Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
  • The Wi-Fi only TC52ax with Wi-Fi 6
  • The Wi-Fi 5/cellular TC57x.

No matter which models you choose, your workers get a superior user experience and all the latest technology advancements to work smarter — and faster. And Mobility DNA delivers built-in advantage — the industry’s most tried and tested software toolkit puts the TC5X Series in a class of its own.

When it comes to the user experience, this trio is unmatched.

  • Need to capture barcodes? Choose standard 1D/2D scanning with the SE4720 or the extraordinary SE5500 Advanced Range Scan Engine (TC52ax only), which can capture barcodes in hand and over 40 ft./12 m away.
  • Device misplaced? No worries — with Device Tracker, devices can be located easily, even if the device is turned off or the battery is dead.
  • Need guaranteed full shift power? With PowerPrecision+ batteries, it’s yours, with 14 hours of power.
  • Need speed? The fast 2.45 GHz processor delivers blazing fast application performance.
  • Need data input flexibility? It’s yours. Use a finger — even with a glove, or a stylus.
  • Out in the weather? No problem, the touchscreen works even in rain and snow. It’s easy to see the screen in virtually any lighting, including direct sunlight.

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And while the Full HD 5-inch display provides plenty of real estate to interact with apps, sometimes you need more — sometimes you need a workstation. Not a problem — Zebra’s Workstation Connect solution enables the display of TC52ax apps on a large monitor, complete with a mouse, keyboard and any other peripheral required to make app interaction easy. And the application user interface takes advantage of the additional screen real estate, making it easy for workers and customers to interact with information-intensive applications.

Armed with all the latest mobile technology advancements, these devices provide the capabilities your workers need to work more efficiently and effectively than ever. The rugged design is engineered inside and out to handle it all — drop it in water or on concrete, use it in the rain or snow and more. You get superior Wi-Fi with 2×2 Multiple-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO), which boosts speed, capacity, range and the quality of VoIP calls, all with less power.

In the process of or planning to migrate to Wi-Fi 6?

The TC52ax with Wi-Fi 6 provides the future-proofing you need to make a mobile device investment today, plus greater capacity and lower latency. The highest voice quality in this class ensures callers on either end hear every word. Complete cellular flexibility enables connection to any cellular network, anywhere in the world — including leading global public safety networks. The front facing 5 MP camera enables video calls with customers for a more personal touch, and with remote technical experts to help complete on-site repairs in one visit. Easily document proof of condition and more with the ultra high-resolution 13 MP colour rear camera. A dynamic lighting range enables the capture of better images in low light, while Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) technology makes autofocusing faster and more accurate. And with Bluetooth 5.x, your workers get twice the speed and four times the range, providing exceptional Bluetooth peripheral performance — from headsets to printers.

The TC5X Series is more than superior hardware. Its real competitive advantage is the software inside — Mobility DNA. This software toolkit puts the TC5X Series in a class of its own by injecting comprehensive new capabilities that competitive devices lack — capabilities that allow you to achieve a new level of workflow optimisation, simplify integration of device features into your apps and more easily deploy, secure and manage your devices. For example, Mobility Extensions (Mx) provides over a hundred features you can activate to improve the security, data capture support, wireless connectivity and device manageability of the standard Android operating system.

LifeGuard 3 makes it easier than ever to keep all TC5X Series devices and data secure; you can count on security patches every day your devices are in service — and devices can be updated automatically.

Stage a handful or thousands of devices quickly and easily with StageNow — including deactivation of Google Mobile Services (GMS). Control the apps and device features your workers see with Enterprise Home Screen, simplifying device interaction and protecting productivity.

Capture and send data right to your application with DataWedge — no coding required. WorryFree Wi-Fi provides dependably superior Wi-Fi. Add push to talk over Wi-Fi or cellular with PTT Pro. Turn TC5X Series devices into mobile PBX handsets with PTT Voice. And more.

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