Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions provides comprehensive solutions that enhance workplace safety and incident response, improve enterprise performance and enable greater product design innovation. Customers rely on Honeywell’s connected solutions to provide real-time safety intelligence, increase worker productivity and enrich operational intelligence with data-driven insights. Honeywell serves customers in aerospace, automotive, commercial building, first responder, field service, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, oil & gas, power and utilities, medical, retail, supply chain, test & measurement and transportation markets.

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Zebra empowers those on the front line in retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and other industries to achieve a performance edge – an edge that translates to delighted customers, good patient outcomes and superior business results.

As the pioneer at the edge of the enterprise, our products, software, services, analytics and solutions are used to intelligently connect your people, assets and data. With decades of industry experience, we design with front-line users and workplaces in mind, giving you the best-action guidance needed to optimise in-motion operations and make business-critical decisions.

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Datalogic is a global technology leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, specialized in the designing and production of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, measurement and safety, vision and laser marking systems.

Closeness and timely response to every customer requirements, together with continuous innovation and high quality offering, are the distinctive elements at the base of Datalogic success for over 40 years. Its cutting-edge solutions help to increase the efficiency and quality of processes in the Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics and Healthcare industries, along the entire value chain.


Honeywell’s Vocollect voice has become a catalyst in the re-engineering of distribution centre processes and systems to deliver the next generation of business results. Vocollect voice is the leading voice technology solution for operational excellence and is in use by almost one million mobile workers each and every day. Businesses enjoy increased worker productivity up to 35%, reduced errors up to 25%, and decreased training time up to 50%.


AML was founded in 1983 to respond to a need in the barcode data collection marketplace for high performance, easy-to-use, and cost-effective barcode and data collection products. Our goal is to provide sensible solutions for mission critical activities, to improve efficiency and productivity, and to make barcode data collection applications worry-free.

We believe there is more to buying a product, than just the product. It’s also the service and support that is available before, during, and after the sale.


Connecting Enterprises to those who matter most. Since 1996, Extreme has been pushing the boundaries of networking technology, driven by a vision of making it simpler and faster as well as more agile and secure. But our higher purpose has always been helping our customers connect beyond the network… strengthening their relationships with those they serve. Today, we call that Customer-Driven Networking.


Aruba, a Hewlett Packard enterprise company, is redefining the intelligent edge with mobility and IoT solutions for organisations of all sizes globally. The company delivers IT solutions that empower organisations to serve GenMobile – mobile-savvy users who rely on cloud-based business apps for every aspect of their work and personal lives – and to harness the power of insights to transform business processes. With infrastructure services offered as software from the public or private cloud, Aruba enables secure connectivity for mobile and IoT — under one roof.


A new way to connect. To interact, open a dialogue, spark an idea, or nurture a society. The power of individual imaginations coming together in the network. At the point where technology and people touch, Cisco invents new ways to multiply and enhance the power of the network. Information and creative energy. Converged systems and personal services. Universal links and close relationships. Communication and community. The network powered by Cisco is changing the way we work, live, play, and learn. Everywhere you look.


Helping you work smarter. As a member of the multinational Brother Group, Brother UK is a supplier of technology solutions, helping businesses deliver greater productivity and efficiency through documentation, digitisation, collaboration and mobile work solutions. From our versatile range of printers, scanners, and label printers, to our web conferencing and other business solutions that help you personalise your technology to suit your business needs, Brother is always striving to offer customers even more.


Whether you’re looking for single function printers, multifunction print and copying systems, software solutions or barcode/label printers, we’ll help you pick the ones that are best for you. All our equipment benefits from the latest innovations to maximise return on investment and future proof your business for years to come. Our state-of-the-art products save paper, reduce carbon emission and even improve your profit margins.


From home office to large enterprise use, Epson offers a wide range of inkjet printers that can help you save money, time and unnecessary hassle to help your business grow. From EcoTank to WorkForce Enterprise, each range offers something different so you’re sure to find your perfect printer. Built for business, Epson’s range of high-performing business inkjet printers increase your overall productivity without sacrificing quality. High speed printing allows you to print large volumes of documents quickly and easily, and the innovative technology simplifies workflows to bring greater efficiency and interactivity to your workplace.


For more than 40 years, Printronix has been addressing global customer needs for mission-critical industrial printing. Offering the two most-trusted brand names in back office and supply chain printing, Printronix and TallyGenicom, known throughout manufacturing, distribution, retail, banking, government and enterprises across the globe. Featuring robust energy-saving line matrix printers, our products streamline operations, reduce costs and help organisations sharpen their competitive edge.


Panasonic’s versatile All-in-One Laser Printers and Multi Communication Centers boost the efficiency of business work. The outstanding, high-speed, duplexing models in these series provide the functional performance that SMB (Small and Medium Business) users or enterprise users demand by incorporating only the most frequently used functions from larger, more expensive MFPs.


SATO is a global barcode and RFID technology company that focuses on data collection and label printing solutions. We focus on retail, industrial, healthcare, transportation & logistics and government sectors. Our solutions enable businesses to identify, track and manage people, products and assets. SATO provide an extensive range of easy-to-integrate thermal barcode and RFID printers, hand labelling systems, consumables, software and connectivity solutions so you can rely on us to deliver the right solution for your business needs.


Our mission and philosophy at Dascom Corporation is to be the world leader in serial printing technology. From barcodes, bills of lading, invoices, multi-part forms and a host of other critical documents, Dascom printers are the advanced technology solution that businesses world-wide call on when seeking the best in cost-effective printing. Some of the world’s largest companies in logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, healthcare and more depend on Dascom to deliver the best in time critical performance and custom solutions when their business is on the line.


Unitech. Global manufacturer of a wide range of rugged mobile computers, barcode scanners, RFID readers and fixed mount terminals. As a global provider of AIDC (automatic identification and data capture) technologies with over 30 years experience, Unitech manufactures a wide range of Enterprise Mobile computers, Rugged handheld PDAs, Industrial Tablets, RFID Readers, Barcode Scanners, integrated T&A and Smart Living devices. Unitech products bring value to customers throughout the world in various industries, such as logistics, healthcare, retails, warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, and field services. Find out more

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Getac bring you the world's best rugged computers. We believe we make the best rugged computers in the world. And with a real passion and expertise in mobilising businesses Getac has over 300 full-time engineers dedicated to designing products to meet the challenges of the mobile worker. Whether it is better display readability for outdoor productivity, dual-batteries and advanced power management to cope with a longer working day or simply the durability and reliability we build into every product, Getac has you covered.


Pepperl+Fuchs is known by customers around the world as a pioneer and an innovator in electrical explosion protection and sensor technology. Our main focus is always on your individual requirements: We understand the demands of your markets, developing specific solutions, and integrating them into your processes.

The Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom is a leading manufacturer of comprehensive solutions for intrinsically safe mobile computing and industrial communication in hazardous areas. Find out more


M3Mobile is opening a new horizon for the world Enterprise Market. A fast-moving business can go wherever it needs to be with a PDA that’s tough, durable and smart. Getting the right information at the right place at the right time – from warehousing and construction to retail and healthcare- every business needs the right product. We are global leaders in the design and build of high quality handheld computers for businesses who need to manage their data on the move. All Kind of Barcodes and RFID signal, We can manage anything rapidly. Find out more

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