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Enhancing Patient Care with Hi-Tech Solutions

Evolving regulations, greater scrutiny, staff shortages. Hospitals face a great many pressures that are driving the need for more efficiency, more data collection and better electronic records. The right solutions can overcome these challenges – but the wrong technology, or poorly implemented solutions, can compromise patient safety and rob clinicians of valuable time and attention as they grapple with IT distractions.

Healthcare staff and administration need real-time visibility to make the best decisions in all areas of the healthcare facility. Renovotec solutions provide the needed visibility to enhance patient safety, improve operational efficiency and optimise your IT investment.

With the goal to streamline supply chain processes and reduce overall healthcare costs, our solutions make it possible to automate management systems, track patient progress, and improve responsiveness of healthcare providers. Renovotec’s healthcare solutions also enhance clinical performance and improve the delivery of care.

With our broad range of resources, including solutions for medication administration, specimen collection, patient ID, remote patient monitoring and more, your organisation has the visibility, information and security you need anytime, anywhere.

Key Solutions include:

  • Admissions
  • Point of Care
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Drug Administration & Blood Transfusion
  • Discharge
  • Supply Tracking

The result? Customers get what they need, when they need it.

Our product portfolio, from all the leading hardware providers, is the most comprehensive and capable set of technologies in the healthcare industry. From healthcare’s fastest, most precise barcode scanning to mobile computing, printing, RFID and voice systems, to sophisticated mobile device management tools that allow for remote device administration from a single, centralised location.

Using today’s technologies in the right ways can help you to transform the way you deliver healthcare in your facilities. By giving your patients and assets a digital profile, you have better visibility of what’s actually happening at any given moment, leading to better decisions and improved patient outcomes.

We can deliver the visibility and communications connectivity you need, helping you to better understand and manage your healthcare operations across your facilities.


Smarter Healthcare

Our new Smarter Healthcare microsite in conjunction with Zebra brings together all the information you need under one roof – one solution from end to end

Our Featured Products

Honeyell Xenon 1902h-bf Battery-Free Wireless Area-Imager Scanner

The Honeywell Xenon™ 1902h-bf area-imager scanner is Honeywell’s latest barcode scanner powered by super-capacitors – eliminating the battery for a green, environmentally friendly scanner. This powerhouse solution is capable of scanning over 450 barcodes on a single charge, and can be recharged in less than 60


Zebra HC100 Wristband Printer

The only wristband printer in the industry that offers easy to load media cartridges to provide user friendly, hassle free printing. The HC100 also is designed with disinfectant ready medical grade plastic and a space friendly size.


EDA50HC Healthcare Rugged Mobile Computer

The ScanPal™ EDA50 enterprise hybrid device is ideal for healthcare professionals inside four walls needing effective unified communications tools and real-time visibility to crucial patient care data. Access, capture and send information right at the patient point of care.


Zebra MC40-HC Mobile Computer

Improve patient safety, the patient experience and healthcare staff productivity with the fully-featured pocket-sized MC40-HC.


Datalogic RIDA DBT6400 – Healthcare

Datalogic’s RIDA™ DBT6400 cordless area imager with Bluetooth® wireless technology is the ideal workmate for connection with mobile devices. The imager is a small, ergonomic, perfectly hand-fitted wireless device with a modern and elegant design. with disinfectant ready and anti-microbial enclosure.

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