Ensuring social properties are digitally connected isn’t only vital to meeting resident expectations – it’s an essential component for managing these properties effectively and in full compliance with housing legislation.

The need for reliable and consistent internet connection has gone from being preferrable to absolutely necessary. Not only does it help meet resident expectations for greater connectivity as standard, it also helps those alienated by the digital divide.

Simplifying the delivery and management of wireless and IoT devices

With more and more people in the UK working from home, the need for strong, consistent and reliable connectivity is a must. An expectation which also ties into the increasingly popular offering, already widespread in the Build to Rent market, of a single bill covering all utilities.

However, beyond utility, connectivity is also a key factor in the safeguarding of resident wellbeing. IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as sensors, smart meters and intelligent thermostats give councils and housing associations far greater oversight over the condition of their properties. This actionable data enables social housing providers to recognise and proactively address problems before they escalate.


Ruckus Networks

RUCKUS, our Wireless & IoT Partner

We have partnered together with RUCKUS, one of our premier wireless networking partners, to deliver this innovative solution that utilises its portfolio best-of-breed wireless hardware and software innovations.


Transforming Social Housing with Wireless & IoT

Healthier and safer homes which exceed the expectations of your residents

Our Wireless & IoT solution enables social housing providers to use sensors and smart devices to monitor housing conditions and ensure resident wellbeing.

From a single dashboard, councils and housing associations can monitor humidity and prevent mould, quickly identify leaks to cut down on energy losses and receive automated alerts when adverse temperature changes affect potentially vulnerable tenants who may be struggling due to fuel poverty.

Manage properties more efficiently with the Internet of Things

Early detection of problems, with reliable data taken directly from IoT devices installed across a property portfolio, minimises the potential cost of damages whilst also cutting down on call-out times.

On average, £40 per hour is spent on call-out services and half of this is wasted due to ineffective communication systems.

Comply with sustainability targets and environmental policies

In addition to catching any costly leaks early on, access to comprehensive data on energy demand and consumption gives insights on how to best implement energy efficient management. Contributing towards Net Zero targets as well as cutting down on overheads.

Key benefits to a Wireless & IoT Technology Solution from Renovotec and RUCKUS


  • Simplify the delivery and management of RUCKUS IoT devices and enterprise-grade access points (APs) with Renovotec’s end-to-end solution that provides support from installation to maintenance. All of which is tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements.
  • Proactively address maintenance issues and streamline your field force operations with an organised and effective response system. Efficiently addressing problems before they escalate.
  • Reduce your insurance and liability costs with this innovative system in place to monitor properties’ conditions and protect residents.
  • Potential to scale device connectivity in future if desired. Giving you the flexibility to keep up with new developments without any expensive restructuring.

Maintain safer and more connected social housing with a cost-effective and sustainable solution from Renovotec and RUCKUS. Contact us today to learn more!