As one of Renovotec’s premier wireless networking partners, RUCKUS enhances our end-to-end Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology solutions with a wide range of cutting-edge wireless technologies and years of in-depth experience supporting customers in Warehousing, Manufacturing, Hospitality, the Retail Supply Chain and many more.

RUCKUS’ expertise covers every facet of wireless connectivity for the enterprise and SME organisation, including innovations in Wi-Fi 6/6E & 7, network segmentation for improved security and user experiences, secure onboarding, support for IoT connectivity and AI-driven cloud remote radio management (AI RRM).

RUCKUS One – The AI-driven business intelligence platform

The RUCKUS One enables you and your organisation to deploy a future-proofed network securely, reliably and simply and at cloud-scale.

This innovative solution leverages the power of AI and the cloud to deliver an enterprise-grade network assurance and business intelligence platform. Easily manage converged multi-access public and private networks, make more informed business decisions and deliver an exceptional user experience. Benefits of utilising RUCKUS One in your network include:

  • Unified converged network management.
  • AI-driven network assurance.
  • AIOps to automate IT operations intelligently.
  • Secure network access and policy management.
  • Service catalog.

Innovative wireless networking solutions from RUCKUS

The RUCKUS Advantage is the ethos that drives its wireless networking solutions, and is built around five key principles:

  • Consistently delivering the required network Performance.
  • Providing Simplicity through a single, manageable platform.
  • Adaptability through interchangeable deployment options.
  • Leveraging Innovation in RF core technologies, AI-driven cloud RRM and more.
  • Utilising open APIs for Interoperability and integration with third-party systems.

RUCKUS Solutions & Knowledge

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