Deloitte specialises in a variety of professional services and solutions designed to empower its customers with greater efficiencies and drive operational success. Deloitte works closely with a variety of key technology partners to delivery these solutions, including Oracle, Google, SAP and many more.

For the supply chain, Deloitte works with SAP to deliver enterprise-grade Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that simplify your IT systems’ complexity, streamlining processes and scaling as your operations grow thanks to its in-built flexibility.

Deloitte + SAP ERP solutions include full SAP cloud suite capabilities, with a large portfolio of thorougly-tested transformation accelerators. These innovative software solutions standardise complex systems so that you can easily manage operations from a central system, while still staying agile.


Industry specific SAP software solutions from Renovotec and Deloitte include:

This partner supports organisations in the APAC region.

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