i.safe MOBILE supplies an extensive range of explosion proof and extremely resistant rugged mobile devices that delivery high-level explosion (Ex) protection when used in hazardous indoor and outdoor environments.

This Renovotec technology partner developers a variety of mobile ATEX devices that empower workers with enterprise performance in various industry applications, including transport & logistics, automation and manufacturing.

Prepare for everything from potentially explosive environments and harsh outdoor conditions to extreme temperatures and even underwater plunges with an end-to-end ATEX technology solution from Renovotec and i.safe MOBILE. These extremely resilient rugged devices will continue to perform to high standards regardless, keeping your workforce connected even in the harshest of industry settings.


Explosion proof mobile device solutions from Renovotec and i.safe MOBILE include:

This partner supports organisations in the APAC region.

Contact one of our experts today and let’s discuss how Renovotec can enhance your operations with rugged mobile devices from i.safe MOBILE.