Samsung is a leading name in mobile technology innovation, helping businesses work smarter, faster and more seamlessly.

Samsung is committed to developing devices and solutions that are built for the way businesses are evolving today. Its range of hardware and software innovations include consumer-grade and business-ready smartphones, tablets, display solutions and more.

This range of enterprise solutions support organisations in a wide variety of industry sectors including the retail supply chain, education, finance, government and corporate. Samsung also backs its impressive hardware portfolio with its unique defence-grade security platform, Knox.

Mobility technology solutions from Samsung and Renovotec

Samsung is focused on connecting businesses to the right devices not just to keep up, but to grow. Therefore, giving you the ability to empower your workforce and ensure they’re ready for work with the latest mobility technology innovations, including:

Smartphones – Leverage the latest innovations in consumer-grade technology from across Samsung’s industry leading portfolio on Android-powered Galaxy range.

Tablets – Pair vibrant and large displays with great processing power with Samsung’s extensive range of business-ready tablets. Designed to maximise productivity.

Enterprise mobility – Samsung’s Galaxy Enterprise Edition handset offers a complete fit-for-business device and solution package for enhanced performance and security.

Rugged devices – If your workforce operates in challenging conditions, Samsung can empower them with the latest innovations in rugged hardware. Protecting against water, dust and shocks.

Accessories – Enhance the usability of your Samsung devices with its range of enterprise-grade accessories. This also includes the latest S Pen models.

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Samsung Solutions & Knowledge

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Samsung is committed to developing devices and solutions that are built for the way businesses are evolving today.

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