Renovotec & Honeywell are improving patient care with innovative solutions that help drive efficiency, accuracy and safety across healthcare workflows.

A connected healthcare system has become a highly desired goal for organisations throughout the world. But choosing a tech solution that can seamlessly integrate into existing IT investments can be costly and difficult to find. Especially without disrupting clinician workflows or negatively impacting patient care.

Honeywell has a range of innovative, connected products and workflow solutions that can enhance clinician productivity, protect patient data and improve the patient experience. With over 75 years of experience, Honeywell helps develop future-proofed and secure devices. Such as the CT30 XP HC Enterprise Mobile Computer, the PC45D Healthcare Printer, custom made media and the XENON Ultra 1962H Scanne. Which enable your workforce to be faster, more accurate, and further empowered. Explore further detail below.

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Our solutions in conjunction with Honeywell’s devices ensure that clinicians can give their patients the focused, dedicated care they deserve. They are purpose built to fit into that role so that they can focus on what really matters: Providing high-quality patient care. Download E-Book

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Honeywell Healthcare Devices & Media

CT30 XP HC Enterprise Mobile Computer

A seamless experience in the palm of your hand enables healthcare workers and clinicians to direct their time with whom it matters most, their patients. Combining disinfectant-ready
housing able to withstand frequent cleanings in demanding environments, with its ergonomic design, the CT30 XP HC mobile computer is the ideal all-purpose tool for healthcare
institutions that need to empower nurses and other caregivers to provide safe and effective care efficiently.

PC45D Healthcare Printer

Simple to install and easy to integrate, the PC45 series printers are perfect for space-constrained settings and ideal for your patient identification and wristband printing needs. Designed with disinfectant ready housing to withstand harsh healthcare cleaning chemicals.
Built on the Honeywell Printer Edge platform with enhanced security and increased printer performance.

Custom Healthcare Media

Honeywell offers a wide variety of labels and tags to support different printing technologies and different application needs. Both paper and synthetic barcode labels are available, for use with both direct thermal and thermal transfer printers. Our Duratran™ thermal transfer labels are available in both paper stock and synthetic stock.
Synthetic or “film” labels meet the needs of more challenging environmental applications, with tear resistance, aggressive adhesives, and moisture and heat resistance.

XENON Ultra 1962H
Healthcare Scanner

The Xenon Ultra for healthcare is a premium evolution of the widely known legacy Xenon and Xenon XP healthcare scanners, taking our industry-leading scan performance and reliability one step further. The Xenon Ultra
1962h incorporates Honeywell’s next generation of scanning – allowing patient care to stay
top priority for clinicians, improving retention of employees and lowering the total cost of ownership for hospitals.