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MDM tools and tracking standard data metrics are simply not enough to feel confident when implementing workflow optimisations with the goal of improving productivity. Operational Intelligence is a centralised, cloud-based platform to manage the complete lifecycle, operational visibility and performance analysis of assets, people and tasks.

Operational Intelligence

With embedded hardware sensors designed into Honeywell products, the solution continuously extracts performance data that is periodically sent to the cloud for analysis.

Operational Intelligence provides an intuitive user interface to your IT assets’ performance metrics and delivers actionable insights that bridge the gap commonly missed by Asset Management or Mobile Device Management solutions.


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Key Vertical Solutions

Distribution Centres

Operations managers in distribution centres need intelligent visibility to do their jobs effectively. Honeywell Operational Intelligence provides actionable insights into critical areas such as mobility devices, printer usage, and network connectivity. These insights can be turned into automated workflows that optimise warehouse processes for greater productivity.


Patient care is the cornerstone of healthcare operations, and the technology used plays a major role in meeting patient expectations. Clinical personnel can leverage Honeywell Operational Intelligence to gain actionable insights to streamline hospital workflows, find missing devices, and ultimately, improve patient care.

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and logistics drivers are always on the move. If one of their devices becomes inoperable, it could have a major impact on productivity. In fact, 60-100 minutes get lost in driver productivity per device issue. This makes actionable insights into mobility devices that Honeywell Operational Intelligence provides critical to uninterrupted routes.


Mobility devices are the lifeblood of retail operations. In an industry where one-third of devices go missing, ensuring devices are properly managed is critical to efficient operations. This makes the actionable insights that Honeywell Operational Intelligence provides, such as device battery health and tracking, essential to associate productivity.