Zebra's 2023 Global Shopper Report.

Zebra’s Global Shopper Report: Retail Fulfilment’s Next Wave

Learn how your retail operation can achieve seamless efficiency across capabilities in 2024 by requesting a copy of Zebra’s Global Shopper Report.

Zebra’s Global Shopper Report: See what’s ahead for the future of Retail

The pace of transformation in the retail sector is unlikely to decelerate in the near future. In order to tackle obstacles like inflation, supply chain interruptions, and workforce issues, proactive leaders are channelling investments into advanced technologies. This strategy aims to sustain profitability while providing positive shopper and associate experiences.

Key topics covered in the report:

  • What shoppers really want in their Retail experiences.
  • Empowering associates to enrich customer interactions.
  • New fundamentals for tomorrow’s Retail priorities.

2024 Tech investment priorities according to retail decision-makers are:

  • Improve customer loyalty and enhance customer experience.
  • Improve inventory management (Real-time visibility/out-of-stocks, cycle counts, shrink and fraud).
  • Optimise omnichannel fulfilment, offsetting e-commerce surge.
  • Improve the buy online/return in-store process.
  • Improve the workforce management process.

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