Thermal Printer Labels


We can help you identify and specify the right label for all your applications. We can provide a full range of thermal label printer labels for both direct and thermal transfer printing.

We can supply genuine labels from leading vendors such as Datamax, Printronix, Sato, Tec, Toshiba and Zebra as well as a range of high quality compatible solutions.

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There are a number of things you need to know when order your labels such as:

Direct or Indirect (Thermal Transfer) – in a nut shell

  • Direct label media: Means that the label itself is light/heat sensitive. The printer “prints” the label by heating the label making it turn black. This media tends to be more expensive, but does not require the cost of an additional ribbon, though the quality of barcodes may suffer.

  • Indirect or Thermal Transfer Media: Means that the label is not thermally sensitive and the “ink” is transferred to the label by using heat to transfer it from a ribbon that is also required. This results in sharper and more easily read barcodes, but normally at an increased cost due to the need to purchase both Label stock and ribbons.

In addition to the labels themselves, normally they are printed to be stuck on something. The type and quality of the adhesive is therefore very important in making sure you get the right type of “tack” (that’s stickiness to you and me) for your application.

Label Adhesives

Pressure sensitive label adhesives are commonly made from water based acrylic adhesives, with a smaller volume made using solvent based adhesives and hot melt adhesives. The most common adhesive types are:

  • Permanent – Typically not designed to be removed without tearing the stock, damaging the surface, or using solvents. The adhesion strength and speed can also be varied. For example, full adhesion can be nearly instant, or the label can be almost removable for a short period with full adhesion developing in minutes or hours (known as repositionable adhesives).

  • Peelable – Adhesion is fairly strong and will not fall off in normal circumstances, but the label can be removed relatively easily without tearing the base stock or leaving adhesive behind on the old surface. The adhesive is usually strong enough to be applied again elsewhere. This type is frequently known as ’removable’. There are many different types of removable adhesives, some are almost permanent, some are almost ’ultra peelable’.

  • Ultra-peelable – Designed principally for use on book covers and glass, when removed these adhesives labels do not leave any residue whatsoever. Adhesion is weak and only suitable for light duty applications. Normally these labels have very little adhesion to anything once they’ve been removed.

  • Freezer or Frost fix – Most permanent and peelable adhesives have a service temperature limit of -10 degrees Celsius, whereas freezer (otherwise known as frost fix) adhesives have a service temperature -40 degrees Celsius and are suitable for deep freeze use

  • High Tack – A type of permanent adhesive that exhibits a high initial grab to the application surfaces, and is commonly used at higher coat weights to enable labels to adhere strongly to difficult, rough or dirty surfaces.

Inside or Outside Wound

Outside wound is the standard presentation of a label roll, with the labels facing towards the outside of the roll. Some label printers or application systems however, require that the labels be facing into the roll, hence and inside wound roll. This may vary depending on the make and model of the printer you are using.

Bureau Printing

We offer a wide range of printed labels as composite labels (fully printed up with all your details ready for you to apply to your goods), or for use in various computer printers for example:

  • A4 laser Printers

  • Ink Jet Printers

  • Copiers

  • Thermal Transfer Printers

  • Direct Thermal Printers

  • Impact Printers

Printed Labels are used in many varied industries for example Chemical, Clothing & Footwear, Food, Distribution & Warehousing, Packaging & Printing.

Turnaround on special makings varies from 5 – 12 working days dependant on material choices, press loadings etc. We can supply on rolls 19mm, 25mm, 44mm or 76mm cores.

In addition to supplying these items, we will also work with you to ensure you are using the correct balance between quality and cost effectiveness.

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