Every print infrastructure needs the right hardware, but none of them can function without a steady flow of high-quality media.

Renovotec’s end-to-end Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology solutions leverage the latest and greatest innovations in print media as well as print-related consumables, ensuring your business-critical processes remain fully operational. These print media types are designed to work with a variety of print-based hardware including Desktop Printers, Mobile Printers and Industrial Printers.

Sourced from our ecosystem of technology partners, these carefully selected consumables bring reliable quality for all your print output. These are designed to meet the demands of your organisation, with media types available to support any industry application including warehousing, manufacturing, transport & logistics, healthcare, hospitality and the retail supply chain.

Consumables & Media for Print from Renovotec and its ecosystem of technology partners

Renovotec’s end-to-end AIDC technology solutions utilise a wide array of media types for deployment in several key industry sectors. These product types include:

  • Barcode labels.
  • Ribbons.
  • Printheads.
  • Receipt paper.
  • RFID labels.
  • RFID tags.
  • Wristbands for healthcare.
  • Cards.


Our ecosystem of technology partners includes many of the most trusted names in Printers & Consumables, including Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, SATO, Epson and more.

Contact our experts today to learn more about Consumables & Media and the other print technologies that power our end-to-end AIDC technology solutions.