Zebra Services – VisibilityIQ

When You Combine Data Visibility with Intelligence…You Get VisibilityIQ

VisibilityIQ gives your customers instant business intelligence about their Zebra devices, when and how they need it.


Without clear, comprehensive device data that’s easy to access, your customers can’t see how their devices are performing or decide what next steps they can take to improve their operations. With Zebra’s VisibilityIQ, they have the data-driven, actionable insight and information they need to get the most from their devices, workers and tasks.

Whether it’s cloud-based dashboard access or customer-hosted/on-premises/on-device visibility—Zebra VisibilityIQ provides device intelligence when and how customers need it. Now, customers can see how their devices are performing and know what next steps can push up productivity and drive down costs. View Brochure

VisibilityIQ™ Foresight

Zebra VisibilityIQ Foresight is the data-driven, mobile device fleet management solution for smoother operations. By combining data from multiple sources, it transforms big data into actionable insights in a single, color-coded view. With clear visibility into the mobile computing device fleet, VisibilityIQ Foresight helps enterprises increase workforce productivity by optimising device availability and maximising utilisation. Find out more

VisibilityIQ™ DNA

The power of Zebra DNA transforms Zebra mobile computers, scanners and printers into true enterprise solutions—but users need a convenient way to see, understand and utilise the robust data delivered by key Zebra DNA assets. VisibilityIQ DNA does just that. With VisibilityIQ DNA, customers can enjoy the simplicity of a dashboard or on-device view to harness the data of their key VisibilityIQ DNA elements, such as PowerPrecision, Device Diagnostics, WorryFree WiFi, StageNow and much more. Peer inside our hardware for answers to key DNA efficiency. Find out more

VisibilityIQ™ OneCare®

This feature is available as a benefit to all Zebra OneCare® Support Service contract customers for Zebra mobile computers and scanners. In addition to repair, tech and software support services provided in Zebra OneCare contracts, customers can access cloud-based VisibilityIQ OneCare to track the status of device repairs, technical cases and LifeGuard™ security status and more. Find out more

Zebra Asset Visibility Services

This quickly activated subscription-based service provides at-a-glance visibility into asset and health data across all your Zebra mobile computers, Link-OS networked printers and smart batteries — no onsite equipment or MDM required. Find out more

  • Monitor device location, inventory, status, battery health, repair history, contract status and more all from an online dashboard via a browser- or tablet-based application

  • Get actionable predictive intelligence to help prevent device downtime before it impacts your operations

  • Customise views with user-defined asset tagging and naming

  • Easy to read, colour-coded dashboard makes device status easy to understand

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