Choosing the Right Managed IT Services Takes You Beyond Traditional Helpdesk Support

Choosing the Right Managed IT Services Takes You Beyond Traditional Helpdesk Support

How can choosing the right Managed IT services take you beyond traditional helpdesk support?

Every piece of technology can experience technical issues or glitches. But even the smallest of problems can have a massive impact on time-sensitive SLAs. As a result, there’s increasing pressure on IT teams to keep on top of critical maintenance requests. But being able to keep every plate spinning with such a potentially large roster of devices can be a sizeable challenge.

Managed IT services are designed to alleviate much of this pressure. They enable an IT team to rely on a dedicated third-party to oversee key maintenance and support tasks. It frees up internal IT resources so team members can focus on other technology infrastructure responsibilities.

In this latest blog post from Renovotec, we explore some of the key benefits to leveraging a managed IT service and why it’s an ideal solution for any industry.


Why should you invest in a Managed IT Service support plan?

Forming a partnership with a managed IT service provider is like bringing in an entire new team of experts. Rather than hiring and having to train members of staff to support with an increase in IT tickets, an outsourced provider brings with it all the experience and expertise you need to address those incoming requirements.

Your IT team can be supported with a complete solution that takes care of every aspect of the process. From support and change management right through to managed repairs and exchanges. Here are some other key benefits at-a-glance:

A single point of support

Instead of relying on multiple companies to provide various support tasks, you can simplify the entire process by working with a partner that takes care of everything. Every single query can be logged, reviewed and resolved all within an agreed set of SLAs.

Greater return on investment

Relying on end-to-end managed IT services provides a more cohesive support workflow. Thus, enabling a set of trained advisors and engineers to analyse a maintenance request and provide a fast and suitable resolution.

Simplified training requirement

Having access to a team of trained experts means even new starters can contact a helpdesk and log a fault with their device even if they don’t know which component is causing the issue.

Complete peace of mind

Having a support partner at your disposal gives you the ability to focus on other key IT tasks with the peace of mind your workforce and its technology is fully supported. From regular communication to the use of automated processes, the right managed IT service does it all.


Improving ticket logging with 24/7/365 reactive support

One of the biggest frustrations for staff is not knowing how to log an IT issue. Or having to wait to have an issue properly reviewed and resolved in good time. The right service should incorporate the option to log tickets via email. It should also support calling a helpdesk or logging an issue online via a bespoke web portal.

For larger operations, you may need around the clock support service. Some managed IT service providers offer reactive P1 and P2 support. This may include the option to have advisors and technicians on call 24/7/365. Your operations are too critical to have a day off, so knowing your IT support is there will instil confidence.


Leveraging the benefits of reactive support with repair logging and configuration

A managed IT service should allow you to log a ticket and receive a swift response with an assigned engineer and resolution time. The team involved would then organise for the device to be repaired – whether with an on-site visit or repaired when received by courier – then ensure the device is reconfigured (if required) to ensure its gold build is fully calibrated and ready to use right out of the box.

Using a buffer stock service, you can also introduce replacement devices – fully configured and ready for use – into your device pool to avoid any needless downtimes. This buffer stock can also be used when exchanging devices where a repair is not possible.

Smart hands support is often available too, whereby an engineer is sent out to your premises to triage and fix a device or deliver a fully configured exchange for your workers to immediately feed into the device pool. All of these services and more help make your organisation and its IT team more agile and responsive to unforeseen issues.


Managing remote & on-site configuration updates.

Security is a constant concern for any IT team, especially with the constant threat of cyberattacks. So, it’s vitally important to keep devices fully up to date with the latest firmware and operating system updates. As well as any relevant security patches. With so many devices and applications operating at once, keeping track of these updates can be a considerable drain on your IT resources.

A managed IT service helps address this issue by having a dedicated team notify of you any upcoming updates. Such updates are usually pushed to a single device for testing and build validation, before being rolled out once the updates are approved. The same smooth process would apply to a request change to device configuration, whereby the managed IT service provider would perform these updates in both a remote and on on-site capacity. This type of service can include support for annual system updates and any request changes to gold builds.


Consistent monitoring oversight for security, performance and repairs

A managed IT service provider will also use industry-leading monitoring platforms to oversee key characteristics related to your hardware. This way you’re always in the loop regarding the integrity of your IT infrastructure without needing to commit considerable resources to monitoring it.

This oversight also applies to monitoring items moving in and out of the repair loop. For instance, if a device has been logged for repair but hasn’t been received, you’ll be swiftly notified to help resolve the issue. This ensures all devices are repaired and exchanged in good time to mitigate any potential repair SLA breaches.


Remain fully in the loop with regular reporting and reviews

Maintain a regular insight into those outsourced tasks with service reviews and reporting schedules. Areas that are often provide the greatest insight for reporting include:

  • Incident reporting – Provide a live dashboard and monthly reports to track all logged incidents.
  • Security reporting – Highlighting areas of concern with respect to the security posture of your supported products.
  • Performance & utilisation reporting – See how your devices are performing.
  • Quarterly service reviews – Gain a longer-term picture of your devices with regular service review meetings to review incident trends.

Renovotec’s own Managed IT Services are designed to support all industries including warehousing, transport & logistics, manufacturing and more. Our services are tailor-made to your exact requirements, offering access to a team of highly trained experts. Remove the strain on your IT resources with the help of an end-to-end managed IT services from Renovotec.


Want to learn more about Managed IT Services and how they can benefit your operations? Contact one of our experts today and let’s discuss how we can help.

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