Improve Productivity and Accuracy with Datalogic’s Packing Solution

Achieve better results, faster with the new Datalogic flexible and intuitive packing solution.

Packing is a common process in warehouse operations and in today’s e-commerce environment, the pack process can often cause a bottleneck between picking and shipping. Packing challenges include speed to beat carrier cut-off times and timely delivery to meet customer expectations. Even incorrect or missing documentation.

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked an e-commerce growth of double digits that continues even as the pandemic eases. Hence, companies are looking for solutions to improve productivity and accuracy. While also dealing with the problem of labour shortages.

Packing stations normally handle small parcel orders and/or direct-to-consumer. It is usually done at fixed stations that can be fed by conveyors and/or sorters or serviced by carts. They are usually equipped with PCs, dunnage/tape dispensers, scanners, printers, and outbound shipping containers. Packing stations are process areas where productivity and accuracy can be improved with technology.

Benefits of pack automation include:

  • Improve order accuracy.
  • Reduce or re-allocate dedicated labour.
  • Increase throughput and speed of operation.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure compliance with documentation requirements.
  • Security to ensure correct order fulfilment.
  • Flexibility to add recurring sales opportunities with integrated marketing collateral.

Automating the pack process with Datalogic’s latest solution can slash huge time off your fulfilment process. On peak days this might be the difference that helps you get all your orders out in time. Datalogic have created Hands-Free Scanning Kits that are Easy, Fast and Safe for any enterprise to implement. Best of all they deliver a quick ROI.

The Matrix 320’s wide reading area and industry leading image processor captures the barcode as soon as the operator moves the product into range. Thus, allowing a natural and ergonomic packing process while saving time by not having to hunt for the barcode.

Complete the solution with a Brother Printer – performance and durability you can rely on

The versatile TJ series industrial label printers uses high capacity thermal transfer ink ribbons for durable labelling and ultimate productivity.

Whilst the TD series desktop label printers, namely the TD4550 used in conjunction with Datalogic’s solution, integrate perfectly with packing bench solutions. Brother also offer a fully tailored Managed Print Service designed to meet the printing needs of larger organisations.

Fulfilment operations

For most fulfilment operations, it is inefficient for employees to perform lots of small repetitive manual tasks. Such as scanning, label application, box closure, or sorting. By introducing automation to perform these types of tasks, employees can now work faster and more ergonomically. Resulting in improved productivity.

Automation also makes the fulfilment process faster. Getting more orders out the door in a shorter amount of time is often the first benefit people think of when considering automation. Increasing production allows for your business to grow, take on more orders, turnaround those orders to customers faster and more accurately. Which in turn increases sales and profits.

Another benefit of speed and accuracy is that your customers receive their orders in a timely fashion.  Without missing delivery expectations. With a significant increase in the number of choices in order fulfilment, excellent customer service and on-time performance become a much bigger differentiator.

One of the most unsung heroes of fulfilment automation is flexibility and future-proofing. Fulfilment automation gives you the ability to scale with your business needs. When operations are not automated, peak periods like holidays can cause a huge strain on your business. Thus requiring seasonal labour, shipping delays, and other constraints in meeting demand.

Packing solution for your business…

Automation is often one of the best tools businesses have for streamlining packaging and is a considerable advantage in the current tight labour market. As companies face rising demand and growing expectations — like next-day shipping most customers have come to expect — they will need new tools and strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

Automation can also allow your business to be prepared for growth. Automation gives you the flexibility to add new products and enter new markets. But without concern of your fulfilment operation being overwhelmed by the capacity.

Datalogic’s innovative order fulfilment solution is simple to set up or integrate into existing systems and has been proven to provide 30-50% gains over traditional scanning methods.

Save time and money with the Packing Bench Solution from Renovotec & Datalogic, and contact one of our experts for a consultation.

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