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Expert Analysis and Industry Insights for the Connected Store and Warehouse of the Future

Technology plays a vital role in any industry setting. From the fast-moving nature of a warehouse environment to the competitive world of the retail supply chain, the right innovations deployed with the right solution can have a profound effect on a company’s success. Explore below the latest industry insights and technology talk in our latest Podcast series.

For retailers, the potential for substantial improvements to stockroom, DC and shop floor are huge, including:

For warehouses and fulfilment operations, technology is helping improve countless systems and workflows, including:

  • Streamlining asset management and tracking of stock with RFID.
  • Enhancing the speed of the picking and packing process with packing bench solutions.
  • Improving quality inspection, predicting failures and more with machine vision.
  • Wireless site surveys can reveal Wi-Fi black spots and help optimise signal coverage.

Podcasts & Video Content

Our new series of podcasts – Connecting the Modern Store and The Warehouse of the Future – are available now, offering some exclusive insights into emerging trends and challenges in the supply chain and retail and the technology solutions that are helping organisations operating in these sectors optimise their business-critical processes.

Our own team of experts bring expertise and knowledge covering our service offerings and technology innovations and are joined by experts from a wide variety of leading manufacturers and technology innovators. Experience them today via Buzzsprout or on our official YouTube channel.

Connecting the Modern Store: A Renovotec Podcast Series

Episode #1: Enjoy a more connected store with enterprise-grade Wi-Fi and shelf-edge labelling

Key technologies and topics discussed in this episode include:

  • User experience through apps, devices, coupons and exclusive offers.
  • PWAs (progressive web apps).
  • Connecting staff to the storeroom.
  • Network architecture.
  • Managed IT Services and end-to-end process management.
  • Electronic shelf edge labelling and live pricing updates.
  • Streamline operations.

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Episode #2: The powerful benefits of mobile technology and self-service experiences in-store

Key technologies and topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Challenges facing IT store operations.
  • How technology has helped post pandemic.
  • Shopper habits and the cost of living.
  • Meeting customer demands.
  • Technology issues – legacy Windows devices.
  • Flexible payment options – tap to pay, NFC, Mobile POS.
  • Stock inventory.
  • Biggest issues for store managers.
  • Demand prediction – self checkouts.
  • AI for retail.

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The Warehouse of the Future: A Renovotec Podcast Series

Episode #1: The impact of wireless technology and machine vision in the warehouse


Key technologies and topics discussed in this episode include:

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Our podcasts feature experts from across our carefully curated ecosystem of technology partners.

These include innovators in wireless technology, mobile computing, barcode scanning, packing bench solutions, displays & touchscreens and much more.

Blog Posts & Knowledge

Browse our new Knowledge Base area and discover the latest posts from our team of industry experts. Our library of blog posts is updated regularly with insights that cover the challenges affecting both the warehouse and the retail supply chain.

Recent topics include the key technologies that are connecting the modern store, the impact mobile technology is having on the IT challenges faced by retail and how accessing the right data can transform the effectiveness of a supply chain.

Access to the Right Data is Making the Retail Supply Chain More Agile

We discuss the merits of supporting the free flow of data throughout your supply chain operations. Other highlights include:

  • Leveraging RFID in the transformation of asset management and movement.
  • Using machine vision to enhance stock management and replenishment.
  • Reacting to shopping behaviours and predicting customer trends.

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Digital Signage Solutions are Helping Retailers Enhance the Customer Journey

In this blog post, our experts delve into the topic of digital signage and how the right solution can transform how you manage price roll outs, promotions and more. Other highlights include:

  • Faster content rollouts make retailers more reactive to customer trends.
  • Opportunity for more up-selling and cross-selling.
  • Connect your brand story with the customer journey.
  • Analysing data to correlate footfall and dwell times with digital signage.

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How Retailers are Using Mobile Technology to Address Their Biggest IT Challenges

Learn more about the benefits of leveraging mobile technology innovation within the retail supply in our latest blog post. Other highlights include:

  • Dedicated self-service devices help retailers address labour shortages and compete with enhanced membership pricing models.
  • Mobile devices are providing multiple functions for retail and embracing the concept of ‘mobile POS’.
  • Windows CE devices are still out there, but they’re no longer supported and optimised on the same level as Android.
  • Mobile technology and self-service devices are empowering customers and helping address staff shortages.

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How Wireless Technology Innovations are Seamlessly Connecting the Modern Store

In this insightful blog post, our experts share their thoughts on the wide-reaching benefits of an enterprise-grade wireless networking in a retail setting. Other highlights include:

  • A robust Wi-Fi infrastructure is critical for the modern retail environment.
  • The impact of utilising electronic shelf-edge labelling and its benefits for customer and colleague.
  • Designing a network that can support larger and larger numbers of connected devices.
  • Taking away the stress of managing new technologies with Managed Services.
  • Every retailer is different when it comes to finding the right technology solution.
  • A reliable and fast repair service reduces downtime, especially during critical periods.

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Wireless Innovation and Machine Vision are Underpinning Operational Success in the Warehouse

Learn more about how an enterprise-grade wireless network and an integrated system of machine vision cameras can transform success for the warehouse. Other highlights include:

  • Machine vision and the benefits of industrial automation.
  • Machine vision use cases for the warehouse or DC.
  • Enhancing pop-up warehouses with machine vision and Wi-Fi.
  • How machine vision and wireless can help warehouses meet their SLAs.
  • Why the ‘Renovotec Approach’ is so important for warehouses and DCs.

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Want to learn more about the technologies that are enhancing warehousing and the retail supply chain?

Contact our experts today to learn more or to book a visit to state-of-the-art Renovotec Innovation Centre (RIC).


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