Managing Mobility in Field Services With SOTI MobiControl

Mobility Drives The Field Services Industry

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The Field Service industry was revolutionised by mobile technology. Cell phones and pagers enabled real-time communication between the engineer in the field and the manager in the back office. Smartphones and tablets have taken this one step further. Mobile devices and apps simplify all aspects of field services: work order assignment, dispatch and scheduling, routing/navigation, technician visibility, and customer communications. Now, the Internet of Things (IoT) looks to become critical to the future of Field Services. New technology such as smart machines, augmented reality (AR) and connected vehicles are revolutionising the industry. SOTI MobiControl secures and manages all your company’s mobile devices, apps and content, as well as IoT endpoints and solutions.

Increase First-Time Fix Rate

Fixing customer issues quickly, on the first call is ‘win-win’ for the customer and the field services organisation. The customer benefits from a rapid resolution to their problem, while the organisation gets to close the call and reallocate the resource to another customer issue. Mobile technology and new IoT solutions, like AR goggles, improve first-time fix rates. They deliver real-time voice, video, schematics and animated walkthroughs. An AR channel to the senior engineer at HQ lets you dispatch a less experienced engineer who is closer to the job, or even utilise the customer to investigate and fix issues.

Improve Worker Visibility

Field service managers and dispatchers need to know where the technician is, and the status of each call that is scheduled or completed. Knowing where the technician is enables quick rescheduling or a high priority diversion. In addition, GPS functionality provides technicians with an optimised travel route and call schedule. Real-time location information warns the technician about traffic hazards and bad road conditions. Based on this data, they can calculate optimal routing and job schedules to reduce fuel costs and improve technician utilisation. Lastly, location data delivers improved service to the customer, providing more accurate estimates of arrival time, a channel for communications and add the capacity to bill and/or pay immediately.

What Can SOTI Do For Field Services?

Keep Workers Safe

Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles or oversee a mobile workforce, there are measures you can take to reduce risks of distracted driving. SOTI MobiControl’s distracted driving policies can assist to protect your workers from dangerous driving. We let you lock down devices or apps based on vehicle speed. SOTI can help reduce risks to your organisation by enabling lockdown/Kiosk Mode, which limits the functionality of mobile devices on the road.

Eliminate Downtime

Field Service technicians need a working device to stay productive. However, they don’t have the expertise to fix them when a problem occurs. SOTI MobiControl’s remote support features make it easy for IT staff to communicate with remote users, see what is going on and then fix the problem. Remote support is available anywhere and anytime, so the problem device doesn’t have to be shipped back for repair.

Manage Everything

All the new endpoints, sensors and devices deployed require full lifecycle management more than ever. For some devices the risk is more than compliance and data privacy, it is patient safety. New devices and endpoints will range from simple little temperature and motion sensors to complex systems such as an autonomous farming equipment. SOTI MobiControl delivers management and security for these new mobile devices, sensors and endpoints, as well as their apps and content.

Track Your Assets

Your workers are constantly on the move, and so are their mobile devices. Visibility into where these assets are, and what they are doing, can improve your operations. SOTI MobiControl can track everything a mobile device does such as when it was used, and why. Flexible reporting features make it easy for IT Staff to extract this information and figure out ways to streamline mobile operations. SOTI helps you keep track of your valuable mobile assets and can lock them down or wipe them if they are lost or stolen.

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