Make the Move to a Modern Warehouse – Ease Your Modernisation Journey

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Firstly, You’re Not Alone

We understand. Demand for higher levels of service is changing your business environment. Yet, change isn’t easy, especially when there’s so much at stake. We understand the complexities of modernising and can bring your vision to life and even offer ways to enhance your plan. We’ve innovated and curated the industry’s broadest and deepest portfolio, and collaborated with an expansive ecosystem of strategic partners to tackle your operational challenges. With such a wide array of choices, you have the flexibility to tailor your solutions to your environment, challenges and goals.

Accelerate Modernisation at Your Pace

Consider taking a phased approach to increasing operational visibility—represented in the Zebra Warehouse Maturity Model below. This allows you to migrate, upgrade or innovate at your own pace without upending operations. It also ensures that the necessary foundation is in place to increase the sophistication of your technology. That’s how you reduce risk, while accelerating workflows.

Plan Your Next Move

Use the framework to identify where you are now and what opportunities lie ahead. We can help you create a roadmap to expedite your journey. Using the five phase framework, we can help you increase real-time visibility of your business workflows, make better use of your workforce, gain early insights and create predictive and adaptive operations.

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Zebra Warehouse Maturity Model

A strategic framework for accelerating modernisation

* Phase 1 – Gain basic control of business operations.

Increase productivity with ultra-rugged scanning, reliable printing and Android™ mobile computing.

* Phase 2 – Optimise the use of mobility.

Achieve a best-in-class mobility strategy to optimise operations.

* Phase 3 – Target use of real-time visibility.

Increase compliance and reduce delays with increased operational visibility.

* Phase 4 – Orchestrate wide-spread use of real-time visibility.

Analyse, optimise and sequence real-time, edge data to direct resources and improve operations.

* Phase 5 – Achieve predictive and adaptative operations.

Anticipate and adapt in real time to ever-changing supply chain and customer needs.

Each operation is unique

Your business varies from others and so should your technology options. You’ll find Zebra’s portfolio spans the entire spectrum of your unique modernisation needs. Clearly, it’s too vast to fit into one brochure.

Instead, Zebra have highlighted a selection of their innovative and optimal options and organised them by specific warehouse operational areas. There are even helpful tips from their industry experts, who consult with customers like you every day. Use this as a helpful snapshot and conversation starter to formulate your next move.

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