Working across several industry verticals including logistics, manufacturing and the retail supply chain, our trusted technology partner ProGlove is a pioneer in wearable scanning technology.

ProGlove’s dynamic technology works as an all-in-one solution for ergonomic data capture. It unlocks higher levels of staff efficiency with a variety of powerful features. For instance, worker guidance, workflows and data-driven insights for shop floor optimisation. ProGlove’s range of ergonomic scanners and software insights will deliver resilience, flexibility and efficiency directly into your supply chain operations.

As well as improving efficiency and profitability, these high-performance devices also enhance employee satisfaction. Such as providing enterprise-grade scanning in a lightweight and comfortable form factor. Empower your staff and effortlessly support your health & safety protocols.

With ProGlove’s best-of-breed scanning technology, you can transform your operations and achieve higher levels of productivity, greater ROI and even improve employee retention.


Wearable scanning solutions from Proglove and Renovotec include:

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