A queue management solution from Renovotec and Qmatic that enables your organisation to better manage the flow of customers, patients and visitors into your premises and systems. Its innovative technology manages the entire waiting experience, from pre-service to post-service. With the aim of making the waiting process as painless, seamless and swift as possible.

Queue management systems have a variety of industry applications. Including in the Retail Supply Chain where retailers can provide a location-based mobile app for easy click & collect. As well as online purchase pickups, mobile queueing for virtual waiting rooms and SMS & digital signage for reducing queue waiting times.

In a Healthcare setting, a queue management solution from Renovotec and Qmatic enables you to streamline the waiting process. Helping relieve stress on healthcare professionals and patients and visitors during regular periods of activity.


Key benefits to utilising a queue management solution from Renovotec and Qmatic:

  • Improve access to services with appointment scheduling.
  • Decrease actual waiting time with better time management.
  • Reduce customer uncertainty with notifications and messaging.
  • Keep customers entertained with media solutions in the waiting area.
  • Enable customers to wait wherever they prefer with a mobile ticket
  • Enable staff planning and increase staff mobility.
  • Match the right competence to each case.
  • Improve personalisation of service delivery.
  • Identify bottlenecks and improve processes.
  • Virtual queueing and the shift towards digitisation

Post COVID-19, organisations are now embracing the importance of digital systems. In addition to the benefits of digitising previously physical or manual processes. Hence, our shift into the virtual world over the last few years is reflected across countless industries. Especially in those verticals that deliver care and services to their customers or patients.

Virtual queueing is a great example of this. As instead of visitors needing to wait in person for an appointment, you can now use a virtual waiting room for them. This enables your organisation to track the user’s position for better management of the current backlog. While also providing automated updates via SMS, mobile ticket or queueing app, so they know when they’re ready to be seen or served.


Leverage a virtual queuing solution from Renovotec and Qmatic today:

  •  Optimising capacity so a queue can be extended beyond the confines of a physical space.
  • Reducing the time it takes for a patient or customer to be seen.
  • Managing the flow of customers, patients or visitors through the system.
  • Empowering staff with actionable updates and insights for a better operational workflow.

Qmatic Solutions & Applications

Queue Management

Optimise the customer flow in your organisation, reducing overall queues and waiting times and help to deliver a more rewarding and enjoyable customer and patient experience.

Click & Collect

For the Retail Supply Chain, transform your omnichannel service with a software solution that streamlines how customers check in at arrival and collect their order via a kiosk or staff member.

Appointment Management

Enable customers to easily schedule appointments online or over the phone, distribute those appointments evenly throughout the day and plan your resources in advance.

Virtual Queueing

Give the customer the freedom to wait wherever they want, entering a virtual queuing system that tracks their progress in real-time and sends regular notifications when it’s their turn to be served.

Customer Journey Management

Create a frictionless customer experience by managing the entire customer journey. Manage the flow from beginning to end and gain valuable insights into how your operations tick.

Business Intelligence

Gain real-time insights into your operations and discover key ways to optimise them, along with extensive data and reporting to help improve your overall customer service offering.

Virtual Meetings

Qmatic’s range of solutions and services also extend to virtual meetings, enabling customers and patients to connect and access specialists remotely via an easy-to-use video meeting.

Patient Flow Management

Manage the flow of patients in your hospital or clinical setting with Patient Flow Management. Enhance your operational efficiency with appointment and queue management for healthcare.

Visitor Management

Create a seamless visitor experience and service, that connects visitors with the right information and services they need from your organisation.

Qmatic Solutions & Knowledge

Click and collect delivery service

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Qmatic Omnichannel Customer Journey Solutions

Create a personalised customer journey with easy access to services and increased efficiency that drives sales.

With Qmatic retail solutions, it’s never been easier to provide an omnichannel customer journey that can be personalised to customers’ needs and preferences.

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