Personalised Click and Collect Solutions are Enhancing the Customer Journey

In this article, we explain how click and collect solutions help benefit both the retailer and customer, streamlining the overall purchasing experience from that first point of engagement and beyond.

Click and collect continues to be a popular service, enabling customers to buy online and fulfil their order from a brick and mortar store. It provides a more cohesive customer experience that helps them avoid the stress and hassle of in-store shopping.

For retailers, it seamlessly connects online ordering with in-store care and optimises the selling, order fulfilment and customer service experience for greater revenue and brand visibility. The ability to order online and collect empowers the customer and the retailer.

For some outlets in the retail industry, an online shopping experience was considered less essential, but today around 41% of stores are used as click and collect locations and account for 40% of these retailers’ sales, making this omnichannel experience a vital component for success in the retail sector.

How do click and collect solutions boost customer experience?

Click and collect helps connect the traditional in-store shopping experience with the favourable ease, comfort and convenience of buying online.

Even pre-pandemic, customers expect a more dynamic shopping experience, have been seeing the benefits of combining their online and in-store shopping experience. Shopping online offers access to a larger inventory of items at their leisure and complete their order without the pressure of doing so in person.

A click and collect option often reduces or completely removes the cost of shipping fees, removing the need to rely on home delivery. Making this service a more cost-effective choice over having said items delivered to their home. A dynamic click and collect solution also offers greater visibility for the customer so they can track their order from purchase to the point its ready to collect in store. It also helps streamline collection times for a faster and more satisfying conclusion.

How does click-and-collect help retailers?

Data is the lifeblood of any modern retail operation. The insights provided by a dynamic click and collect solution enable retailers to observe customer buying preferences and collection requests so they can prioritise stock and optimise the in-store collection experience to maximise customer satisfaction. That data also extends to customer waiting times, transaction times and the smoothness of the collection process – with each one offering the opportunity to shape the business to meet the habits and preferences of the customer.

When they can use a blend of online ordering, personalised notifications, and an optimal in-store collection experience, a customer is far more likely to leave positive reviews and return to the store to spend more money. Offering the option for store pickup is just one more way a retailer can empower the customer.

The right kind of click and collect solution leverages a software platform that seamlessly integrates into their existing inventory systems with minimal disruption to mission critical operations. Because click-and-collect orders are usually shipped in with replenishment stock, they don’t require new distribution pathways or additional input from team members. As a result, in-store customer service can focus on the overall customer experience, engage with customers, better meet their needs and drive more sales.

Additionally, retail management can access accurate data on factors such as waiting times, transaction times, branch performance and daily patterns. They can then use this information to anticipate busy periods, manage staff more effectively and automate admin tasks.

How can retailers maximise the benefits of click and collect solutions?

Here are four best-practice tips that will help you incorporate an effective click and collect solution:

1. Simplify and streamline

Make sure customers can access the click-and-collect system via the channel that they most use, then make it as easy as possible. By doing so, you’re optimising the customer experience and making it more likely they’ll use and recommend it.

2. Choose software with a mobile option

Choose click and collect software solution that enables your customers to purchase directly from their mobile devices so you can provide what most modern shoppers are looking for.

With an average of 67% of purchases now made online, you could lose out on vital sales, affect customer service, impact SEO and harm the image of your retail brand if you don’t do this.

Make sure the mobile-friendly option is user-friendly, offers the same information as the desktop site and provides optimal personalisation options.

3. Optimise integration

Adopting the right click and collect solution is only part of the journey. You should also fully integrate the digital experience with the in-store experience to provide more of what your customer needs including checking stock in various branches and online.

Leveraging various options including interactive kiosks, interactive touchscreens and easy-to-use mobile POS systems help enhance the customer experience while helping redistribute staffing resources elsewhere in store. These hardware solutions also offer the opportunity to deepen the customer’s engagement with your marketing and advertising efforts, such as sharing special offers and newsletter sign ups.

4. Sync your solutions

When using multiple digital retail solutions in your store, you should ensure the right solutions are in place and that they work together to drive profit. This includes a spectrum of flawless fulfilment options from warehouse to store floor and customer service including price management, picking efficiency and accuracy, packing and labelling and real-time visibility.


A personalised modern click and collect solution offers the best of both the online and in-store shopping experience. Providing a flexible, customer-centric and efficiency-based approach, both retailers and customers can ensure every step of the purchasing and fulfilment experience runs as smoothly as possible.

Renovotec has years of experience supporting organisations across the retail sector and the wider supply chain. We’ll create a personalised click and collect solution that fits the unique demands of your operations. Creating a click and collect service that seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure. From initial design to sourcing every element of the solution, Renovotec will take care of everything so you can focus on delivering the best service for your customers. Contact us here to discuss your personalised click and collect solution.

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