Renovotec Extends Industry Scheme To Cut Warehouse Costs & Increase Productivity

Supply chain technology company Renovotec is now extending its free ‘Warehouse Walkthrough’ consulting scheme indefinitely following positive industry feedback in year one, with scheme user reports of successful reductions in warehouse staffing levels as well as measurable increases in productivity, Renovotec says. Year one learnings are now being fed into the scheme to increase its effectiveness; Renovotec is increasing scheme resources, including consulting time.

  • Free ‘Warehouse Walkthrough’ consulting scheme identifies key areas for staff reduction and high-impact technology intervention
  • Indefinite scheme extension follows a strong, measurable response in year one: users report successful staff reductions and increased productivity
  • Renovotec to increase scheme resources including consulting time

Warehouse walkthrough recommendations have been shown to reduce staffing levels by 30%, with no reduction in service; cut warehouse operatives’ walking time by 50%; and increase their picking speed and accuracy by 35%. High-impact technologies deployed following a warehouse walkthrough can include voice picking, robotics and other forms of warehouse automation.

“Our in-depth knowledge of warehouse workflows means that our chosen technologies are always closely aligned with the warehouse processes they drive – hence their high impact” says Renovotec CEO Richard Gilliard. “Our commitment to this scheme reflects our commitment to the industry we serve.”

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